Understanding Sexual Energy

Sexuality still remains the most taboo subject out there; even though we may live in a society which superficially seems to promote openness about sexuality, the reality remains that what is being promoted is less related with sexuality and more with depravation and separation. Sexuality involves intimacy and connection (mind, body and spirit) what is…… Continue reading Understanding Sexual Energy

Keys to Tantric Sexuality

Are Neo Tantra and Tantric Sex the same thing? After all, in this day and age Tantra is being portrayed more and more like empty sexual techniques than what it actually entails. Sex and spirituality were always intended to go hand in hand yet Tantra is not sex; in fact sexuality is but a small…… Continue reading Keys to Tantric Sexuality

Understanding the Power Behind Celtic Sexual Magick

Despite all the traumatic episodes I endured, I always believed in Magick; not tricks and seances but actual Magick, the alchemical process of destruction and creation within ourselves and outside of us–“As above so below”. Having grown up in unique circumstances; learning about ancient teachings, alchemy and shamanic rituals, one would say sex magick was…… Continue reading Understanding the Power Behind Celtic Sexual Magick

Sexuality: Understanding Vital Energy

I often have mentioned the importance of understanding energy within sexuality; specifically with sexual partners. We live in an age where too many people engage in empty, meaningless sexual activity, only to end up feeling more depleted than before. This occurs because they do not understand the power of their body’s vital energy. Vital Energy,…… Continue reading Sexuality: Understanding Vital Energy

Sexually Empowered Doesn’t Equal Easy…

We like to consider our day and age as “modern”  yet we currently live in a society primarily based on extremes.  On the one hand there is sexual repression, while on the other hand sex is traded to avoid solitude.  Although in the past I have written about this, today I would like to write…… Continue reading Sexually Empowered Doesn’t Equal Easy…


You are the muse who haunts my dreams You are the inspiration to my soul You are the magic in my heart You are the light that illuminates the darkest of my nights Nights in which I long to possess you Taking you deeply until you can feel my soul The color of your skin…… Continue reading Muse