The Masters of Suspicion

Marx, Nietzsche and Freud were called the “Masters of Suspicion” for challenging the prevailing traditions and dogmas of their times. Could these great philosophers/analysts teach us something important for us to implement within our current era? Regardless of whether we share their ideas or not, the truth is these great men impacted Western thought in…… Continue reading The Masters of Suspicion

Understanding Esotericism

What is esoterism? Esoteric is all that is hidden, that which is inside but has been forgotten– which generally refers to the spiritual veil. Esoterism involves the teachings of wisdoms, principles and divine laws difficult to understand or difficult to access by most people. In ancient times, it was only the “initiates” who would be…… Continue reading Understanding Esotericism

Understanding “Sacred Texts”

Sacred texts, whether Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic or Jewish are books which are revered by many all over the world. As a matter of fact they are best sellers each and every year; however, they are also the most misunderstood ones; as well as having had their context be manipulated over the years for various…… Continue reading Understanding “Sacred Texts”

Gnosticism: Understanding Moon Magick

Tomorrow is the day for the “Flower Moon”; as a Gnostic, Esoteric and Tantric I keep up with the cycles of the moon and its many special manifestations throughout the year. Over the centuries the understanding of Moon Magick has been lost leaving mostly diluted versions of the original understanding; however as Gnostics always have…… Continue reading Gnosticism: Understanding Moon Magick

Redefining Our Concept of Death

When it comes to death most of us fear it. Our reaction is deeply rooted on the lack of familiarization with death. We have an extensive and nourishing vocabulary to help us teach children about life yet death is one of those subjects which remains taboo or is often demonized. We tend to use the…… Continue reading Redefining Our Concept of Death

Plenitude vs. Happiness: Learning to listen to your inner voice

As the new year starts, we often tend to find ourselves in the pursuit of new goals; hoping their achievement will bring satisfaction to our lives. There is nothing wrong with goals, however when our goals are only external and one becomes obsessed with them, disappointment is bound to follow. Both Gurdjieff and Carl Jung…… Continue reading Plenitude vs. Happiness: Learning to listen to your inner voice

Justice: Understanding Karmic Law From A Psychological and Physiological Perspective

This is a long article; I have tried to summarize things, regardless it can be hard to summarize such extent subject. Sometimes human beings tend to label as “bad” anything which may not adjust to our expectations; often seeking paths of less resistance and when that doesn’t work we become tornadoes. Zen masters have always…… Continue reading Justice: Understanding Karmic Law From A Psychological and Physiological Perspective

God According To Baruch Spinoza

Today I would like to share with you a bit of Spinoza’s ideologies which have touched my spirit.  For those of you who may not know about him, he was a Dutch philosopher of Portuguese origin and was considered one of the greatest minds of his time.  Many believed him to be an atheist (by…… Continue reading God According To Baruch Spinoza