Tantra & Sexology: Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

Today I would like to expand on a subject which affects thousands of men yet is seldom talked about openly. Although we consider ourselves a modern society, we fail to approach the subject with openness, respect and a desire for pure enjoyment and connection. I hope today, to help dissipate some of the most common…… Continue reading Tantra & Sexology: Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

Taoist Tantra: Kuan Yin

Every now and then, I address some of the emails pertaining to the sexual aspects of Tantra. Lately I have been asked about the importance of massage, specifically Tantric Massage. In the past I have written about what Tantra really is and a few of its practices; with that said, when it comes to Tantric…… Continue reading Taoist Tantra: Kuan Yin

Sexual Education: Tantric Tips To Achieve Incredible Orgasms

In previous articles I have written about Tantra  and its amazing benefits when healing sexual traumas.  Tantra however is not only meant to be used when counselling survivors of sexual abuse, it is great for everyone who fully understands and desires a  more fulfilling spiritual and sexual connection. In this article I am going to…… Continue reading Sexual Education: Tantric Tips To Achieve Incredible Orgasms