Your presence announces itself within the weariness of my day The sound of my heart beating faster is but a reminder I’m reminded how much I ache for you when we are apart Within the storms of my mind your presence can be found The brief moment of anger gives away to melancholia Wanting to…… Continue reading Longing…

Boundless Love…

I hear the sound of your footsteps in the distance Upon your arrival my heart accelerates My desire rises my senses knowing you are coming I hear every step you take I can sense you wanting me to calm your soul and fill your desires I am your mirror, your medicine There are so many…… Continue reading Boundless Love…

Eroticism: Key to a healthy sensual sexuality.

Although sensuality is often associated with sexuality, it is more closely related with the level of mental, physical, and sexual eroticism we carry inside.  Often our discontent with our body image or the level of psychological stress we are exposed to prevents us from relating to our bodies in a positive manner.  Lack of being…… Continue reading Eroticism: Key to a healthy sensual sexuality.

The Art Of Sensuality

There are lessons in life which cannot be taught, they can only be experienced; such is the case when it comes to the art of sensuality.  While the majority of people in today’s society live disconnected from their body’s senses, there are others who have been born quite in touch with their sensuality; to them sensuality…… Continue reading The Art Of Sensuality

Sexual Education: Tantric Tips To Achieve Incredible Orgasms

In previous articles I have written about Tantra  and its amazing benefits when healing sexual traumas.  Tantra however is not only meant to be used when counselling survivors of sexual abuse, it is great for everyone who fully understands and desires a  more fulfilling spiritual and sexual connection. In this article I am going to…… Continue reading Sexual Education: Tantric Tips To Achieve Incredible Orgasms


Before you sit, you whisper “Seduce me” You sit as you watch me get undressed I seduce you…. As I dance you feel the allure of my flesh I start to move my hips and you watch as my waist undulates My dance excites and invites you to wrap your arms around my flesh Not…… Continue reading Ecstasy

Educating Ourselves: The Different Types Of Female Orgasms

Most of us are not very educated about our own physicality, this is due to the great amount of judgement still placed on sexual education.  While on the one hand society expects us not to talk intelligently about the subject, on the other hand Hollywood releases movies which really are full of insulting, demeaning sexual…… Continue reading Educating Ourselves: The Different Types Of Female Orgasms