Sexuality: Understanding Vital Energy

I often have mentioned the importance of understanding energy within sexuality; specifically with sexual partners. We live in an age where too many people engage in empty, meaningless sexual activity, only to end up feeling more depleted than before. This occurs because they do not understand the power of their body’s vital energy. Vital Energy,…… Continue reading Sexuality: Understanding Vital Energy

Why A Secret Wedding May Be The Best Answer

For some weddings are a beautiful thing, sometimes however weddings can be too much; specially if you find yourself in a situation where working on the guest list becomes a stressful thing. How do you go around dealing with guests and sitting arrangements in delicate situations where family feuds exist? The simple, effective and most…… Continue reading Why A Secret Wedding May Be The Best Answer

Healing Your Past Within A Relationship

We all carry wounds within us; some more than others.  Some of us work hard to overcome the challenges such experiences may have left behind. Others try to walk away and not look back…most of my life I was more or less the second type.  Growing up I endured physiological and mental abuse; the abuse…… Continue reading Healing Your Past Within A Relationship