We live at a time where illusions are venerated as reality; we have disconnected from our center, accepting the shell of our ego as the essence of self.  More and more we are drowning ourselves in an ocean of ignorance, greed and self-punishment; losing our way, forgetting we are the universe and the light.

You may get excited at the idea of changing your life, discovering self love, embracing your talents; overall living not a common but an extraordinary and fulfilling life; yet traumas from the past, false ego, self induced punishment, lack of self belief and self love or maybe the false chase of “perfection” are what hinder you from becoming who you were always meant to be…

Maybe you are frustrated because nothing seems to work out, yet everything inside is telling you there is more to life than what you are experiencing.  There is …it all starts with discovering self love, self acceptance and self responsibility.

Let us not forget the miracle of being alive, we have been given the gift of experiencing the primordial forces of life hidden within us; light and darkness, self and shadow.  We get to experience the miracle of self evolution; beautiful yet bittersweet.  Although it may seem our sanity is vulnerable to the never ending cycles of life and our survival may seem precarious at times, when we choose self development we are choosing to stand up, to embrace our fragility while recognizing our inner strength; we choose to walk the unique path intended for each one of us.  We evolve not by running away from whom we think we are but by the integration of our two sides, by emerging like a phoenix from the ashes, not like mere humans but as the beautiful, miraculous, divine beings life always intended us to be.

My quest through Beneath The Layers is to empower  people to rise, evolve and transcend to a new level beyond what they ever had by embracing who they truly are. 

I hope to help you explore all the topics many find uncomfortable; shining light on them, helping you start your journey towards healing and the expansion of your mind and spirit.  I hope the material here helps you dive into your subconscious; not in a cold, detached clinical way but through a more integrative pathway.

Each one of us has something we can work on, something which may need healing, something to improve on or simply something about us we need to learn to love and embrace; you are not alone, we are in this together!

Beneath The Layers focuses on subjects such as:

  • Sexual Trauma
  • Psychological Abuse
  • Poetry (Raw & Sensual Poetry)
  • Tantra & Sexuality (Discovering and accepting your body and its tremendous healing powers)
  • Understanding how your mind and body operate and how these affect your behavior
  • Personal Growth
  • Sacred History
  • Sociological Issues

In other words Beneath The Layers focuses on Personal Development.

Every person is so unique and diverse in their experiences, biases, insecurities, self-limiting beliefs, hopes, dreams; overall every person is unique on the way they go about working on their self development.  Keeping this in mind, at Beneath The Layers you will find articles which also focus on Metaphysics, Physics, Neurology among others; these subjects can add great insight to your life and help you develop a more encompassing way of looking at the world. When we change the way we look at things, the world around us transforms into something new and exciting!

Beneath the Layers is a safe place if you need better habits, beliefs, better thought-patterns, more emotional awareness.  Perhaps you are looking to connect with the poet in you or maybe need someone to help you create something beautiful for a special occasion; it would be my pleasure to do so; or maybe you are looking for someone to listen and help you navigate your emotions. 

I may not have all the answers, as I am also walking this road called “life” but I would love to use my knowledge, skills and personal experiences towards helping you.   

If the content on my webpage helps you in any way, please consider sharing it and/or donating.  

This page was created by someone who believes in the power of the human spirit and the rebirth of the soul…




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