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Hi, I’m Sofia and welcome to “Beneath The Layers.”  I am a Transformational Coach specializing in codependency issues, sexual trauma, and personal development.  A Transformational Coach is someone who integrates traditional psychotherapy with holistic therapy.  Overall its an all encompassing approach towards healing, allowing for the patient to feel more relaxed as a variety of approaches are tailored to his/her individual needs.  I have a background on Behavioural Counselling, General Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki and Tantra.

I’ve been working with people with a wide range of challenges including sexual/physical trauma, co-dependency, neglect, bullying, self harm, depression, low self esteem, PTSD.  I believe in supporting a healthy development in the context of a loving, safe, respectful, nurturing, accepting relationship with your own self first and then with others; using a range of methods which vary according to your specific needs.  Aside from being a Transformational coach, I am a speaker, blogger, amateur writer, meditator, lover of life, food, freedom and joy!.

Having overcome extensive trauma and painful set backs during my childhood and adult life, I recognize the importance of providing a safe, nurturing and comfortable environment.  I always keep in mind that I too once lacked the know how to work through all which was weighing me down.  Life is a journey, and although my journey is not over, I am certainly far from where I started.

When looking for the right coach, I know just how important it is to have a solid idea of who the person is in order to build a trusting relationship; a relationship where you can feel safe, understood and your treatment goals are being respected.  I believe in assisting people transform their life, gaining and developing the skills to handle symptoms arising from the various challenges they may face, as well as helping them resolve the issues that continue to interfere with their ability to achieve their life goals and desires

Through the years I hid many of my challenges, my fears, my struggles;  feeling the need to hide my traumas, my anger, my emotions in general, until one day I could hide no more.  Since then I have learned to let go of a lot of the fear that had been holding me back in my life.   Although it was far from easy at times, I also felt liberated as my perception on almost everything changed as I explored and healed beneath the surface of my mind and soul.

I chose to submerge myself in psychotherapy with one of the best in the field; an experienced therapist who understood and believed in the power of talking and retraining the mind; not numbing it.  Through the years it has been an honour to have met and worked with some of the beautiful and experienced minds in the fields of Psychology, Metaphysics, Counselling, NLP and Tantra.

I came to understand many of the complexities and simplicities of the human mind and soul. Paradox?… maybe at first glance but the more one discovers who the real “I” is, the more one comes to understand this “paradox”. A paradox which really is a beautiful dance of all which makes us human and unique.

Little by little through self search, personal development/therapy and coaching  I started to discover what it meant to be me; the real me!.  With self discovery came the strength to forge my own path.  The more I worked on myself, the more I knew what it was I wanted to do with my life; I wanted to help others.  I wanted to make a difference in other’s lives, to bring hope where there was a feeling of darkness, to help others rediscover themselves and perhaps for the first time ever to listen to their own voice.

Having found my calling in life, I submerged myself in research and studies on all subjects which I felt offer tremendous healing to the human psyche and the soul.  I pursued further studies on both Psychology and Tantric Counselling (mind/soul/body).   As I submerged myself on my studies while continuing to do my own self work, my soul kept growing and I started to discover beneath all the false layers who I really was!.

I decided to take a chance and follow my heart.  I now follow my passion, which is to help others see that no matter what has happened in life, you have a voice, a choice, and the experience to make a difference.   Along with my schooling comes years of real life experience overcoming challenges and discovering who I truly am!.

I believe one person can make a difference in more ways than can be imagined so long as you find it in your heart to take courage and take on the biggest journey you will ever make, the journey within yourself.

I am here to remind all of you who are hurting and who feel lost “you are not alone”.  Perhaps you suffer silently, perhaps you feel you don’t have a voice, or you see yourself as damaged, let me remind you that the power to your healing is IN you. YOU are worth so much, you CAN and HAVE the right to shine, without fears and apologies for being the authentic you.

Gold is refined by fire, diamonds by pressure, soil becomes fertile and plants grow more beautiful after they have had manure spread on them; just like these things, YOU are precious and you deserve to live a fulfilling life.  You have the power to recreate your world.

Life is a journey; it is my hope to guide you through this journey as you rediscover who you are; whether through one on one in person or skype coaching or through the material I write.  If  my experiences, my knowledge can help you in any way to increase your self love, then my wish has been granted.

I consider it a privilege to do this work and I look forward to hearing from you!…










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