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Hi, I’m Sofia and welcome to “Beneath The Layers.” 

I am a Creative Consultant & Transcendental Guide or as some like to call me, a Transformational Guide.  If you have never heard of the term let me be the first to explain it to you; a Transcendental Guide is someone who integrates traditional psychotherapy with holistic therapy.

I have a background on Behavioural Counselling, General Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki and Tantra.  I have Degrees and Certifications but my best credentials come from the wisdom developed through life’s experiences and my eager studying of individuals and the world; always desiring to find out what lies beneath the surface, beneath the shells most people develop in an attempt to survive and fit in.

For many years I felt the need to hide my own challenges, my fears and struggles.  I suppressed my anger and with it a good deal of other emotions; paying too high of a price in an attempt to shed the things that make me unique and hide the traumas imposed on my soul…I hid until I could hide no more.  Since then I have learned to let go of a lot of the fear which was holding me back.  Although at times the work has been far from easy, with it has come a feeling of liberation.  My perceptions on almost everything changed as I explored and healed my shadow.

Little by little through self search, personal development, therapy and coaching I started to discover what it meant to be me, the real me!. With self discovery came the strength to forge my own path. The more I worked on myself, the more I knew what it was I wanted to do with my life.  I wanted to help others; I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others.  I wanted to bring hope where there was a feeling of darkness, to help others rediscover themselves; and perhaps for the first time ever; to listen to their own voice.

Through the years it has been an honour to have met and learned from some of the most beautiful and experienced minds in the fields of Psychology, Metaphysics, Counselling, NLP and Tantra. I was taught by one of the best in the field of Psychotherapy that in order to heal a person one needs not focus on the symptom but on the root of the problem. In doing so one can help retrain the mind instead of numbing it.

Having personally experienced extensive trauma and painful set backs during my childhood and adult life, I recognize the importance of supporting a healthy development in the context of a loving, safe, respectful, nurturing and accepting relationship with your own self first and then with others.

Life is a journey and although my journey towards healing isn’t over, I am certainly far from where I started. That is why I created Beneath The Layers, a place where I can share my interests, my own experiences, my struggles and my victories.  It is my hope that through my writings and videos you will find a little more peace and encouragement to keep moving forward on your path to reclaiming your authentic self!

I am a firm believer that one person can make a difference in more ways than can be imagined, so long as you find it in your heart to take courage and embark on the biggest journey you will ever make….the journey within yourself!

I specialize in the human soul; in the integration of all the parts we leave behind due to trauma, irresponsibility or neglect.  It is in the reclaiming of these where I focus; in facing our shadow is where the work is done.

I am here to remind all of you who may be hurting and who may feel lost that you are not alone.  Perhaps you suffer silently.  Perhaps you feel you don’t have a voice or see yourself as damaged; let me remind you that the power to your healing is in you.

YOU are worth so much.  You CAN and HAVE the right to shine without fears or apologies for being your authentic self.

Gold is refined by fire.  Diamonds are created under pressure.  Soil becomes fertile and plants grow more beautiful after they have had manure spread on them; just like these things, you are more valuable than you think and you deserve to live a fulfilling life… You have the power to recreate your world.

I consider it a privilege to share my work with you.  If in any way my experiences and knowledge can help increase your self love, then my wish has been granted.  Remember YOU are PRECIOUS!









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