Understanding The Shadow

Today I would like to talk about the shadow, what it entails and why soul therapy or shadow work are so important. Perhaps the best and simplest way to generically explain the shadow, is by taking a closer look at the story of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. Dr. Jekyll was a brilliant man who…… Continue reading Understanding The Shadow

Extremes Lead to Confusion Not Freedom

Most people when asked if they are free, they readily answer “yes”, if one then presses the subject with another question “but how do you know you are free?” the traditional response is this “because I can choose to do whatever I want”–Fair enough but what if I decided to provide you with various scenarios…… Continue reading Extremes Lead to Confusion Not Freedom

Shadow: Exploring Our Dark Side

The other day Barry and I were having a conversation about life and people; let’s say he drove while I pretty much monologued; with brief moments of interjection; this worked well as it allowed me time to process my thoughts out loud. The discussion was based on people and human behavior. I was conversing about…… Continue reading Shadow: Exploring Our Dark Side

Nymphomania & Satyriasis: A Psychological and Tantric Perspective

Nymphomania and Satyriasis are sex addictions; “incontrollable desires”– the first term refers to women, while the second applies to men. These disorders are suffered by millions of people around the world and are often misunderstood or confused with mental illness; which although could be one of the causes, it is not the reason–hence it is…… Continue reading Nymphomania & Satyriasis: A Psychological and Tantric Perspective

Understanding Nietzsche’s Eternal Return.

It takes a strong philosopher to grab ancient teachings and present them in such a way that these teachings have been propelled all the way to our current times; that philosopher was no other than Friedrich Nietzsche. His philosophy on the eternal return was based on ancient Gnostic and Alchemical teachings, and although most people…… Continue reading Understanding Nietzsche’s Eternal Return.

Understanding the Magician Archetype

According to Carl Jung, the magician is the most powerful archetype; he is the bearer of knowledge both ancient and new. He promotes advancement in this world thanks to his ability to confront and embrace his shadow, therefore acquiring true wisdom; wisdom not based on theory only but experience. The Magician archetype is synonymous with…… Continue reading Understanding the Magician Archetype

Plato: Understanding Our World

Plato lived surrounded by poets, mathematicians, astronomers and other scholars. His teachings focused on understanding, individualism and self knowledge. As a great sage, he never felt threatened by ideas and philosophies different than his, on the contrary, he welcomed them. Like any educated mind, he understood “perception” and that closing one to any constructive criticism,…… Continue reading Plato: Understanding Our World

The The Importance of Making Peace With The Past

None of us likes to feel pain, why would we? but not liking to feel pain does not equate to not needing to confront pain in order to become more coherent in our own lives. Most times, people tend to become impostors of their own lives; this means, they will do anything to avoid any…… Continue reading The The Importance of Making Peace With The Past

Letting Go of Masks: Understanding Perceptions

Our perceptions determine how we see the world and our response to events, people, etc. Our perceptions can change over time, depending on our circumstances or our own level of growth; are we healing ourselves or running away from anything that may feel too painful or threatens to shatter our preconceived ideas? Our world is…… Continue reading Letting Go of Masks: Understanding Perceptions

PTSD: A Complex Scenario

What is trauma? by most standards trauma is defined as an event by which the person feels severely threatened either morally, psychologically or physically. Post Traumatic Stress is an anxiety component installed within the person’s consciousness after having undergone a catastrophic situation or at the very least dangerous to the person’s security/integrity. It may occur…… Continue reading PTSD: A Complex Scenario