Gnosticism Part II

Gnosticism has caused so much controversy due to the fact dogmatic religions quite adamantly oppose it. Gnosis is a Greek word meaning “Knowledge”; not an ordinary state of knowing, rather an integrative knowledge which requires a particular state of consciousness–this particular type of knowledge aligns mind, body and spirit; you don’t just want to believe…… Continue reading Gnosticism Part II

Raising Emotionally Healthy Children

There are various strategies and educational tools which can help children develop and maintain mental health such as the substitution of negative thoughts for realistic thoughts, teaching to manage/channel their emotions and the learning of productive behavior even when faced with adversity.  The development of mental strength comes about with the building of resilience, self…… Continue reading Raising Emotionally Healthy Children

Eliphas Levi’s Baphomet: Understanding Ancient Knowledge & Symbology

If you were to come into my home, you would encounter various symbols/statues from many different cultures; Celtic, Sumerian, Egyptian, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Native Indian, German etc. Those of you who are familiar with my writings by now know I am a Spiritual/Omnist, “Active Nihilist” or as some have called me a student of Alchemy;…… Continue reading Eliphas Levi’s Baphomet: Understanding Ancient Knowledge & Symbology

Justice: Understanding Karmic Law From A Psychological and Physiological Perspective

This is a long article; I have tried to summarize things, regardless it can be hard to summarize such extent subject. Sometimes human beings tend to label as “bad” anything which may not adjust to our expectations; often seeking paths of less resistance and when that doesn’t work we become tornadoes. Zen masters have always…… Continue reading Justice: Understanding Karmic Law From A Psychological and Physiological Perspective

The “Progressive” Art Of Censorship

The silence is not a solution for your problems.

Censorship is a topic which these days has become a main concern for those of us who see where this may be headed. Many people agree with “Progressive Censorship” as a development in the way we as “civilized” people now handle conflict; they claim they rather have Censorship than the “alternative”. What many people seem…… Continue reading The “Progressive” Art Of Censorship