Tantric Wave Form: Teaching Tantra

A few weeks back I was approached to co-host a one day tantric workshop, at first my excitement and curiosity were peaked; however, after taking a look at the outline, I was severely disappointed.  I am aware the art of teaching Tantra it’s one very few people are actually trained and prepared for; most people…… Continue reading Tantric Wave Form: Teaching Tantra

Understanding Our Sexuality

Since the beginning of time the branch of sexuality has taken a back seat to the branches concerned with our mental and spiritual health.  Sexuality has remained focused on the physical body yet sexuality is not jut the act of intercourse; it has been minimized to represent simply an act to release quick urges or…… Continue reading Understanding Our Sexuality

What Is Eroticism?

The first thing that comes to our mind when someone talks about eroticism or when we hear someone talk about an erotic experience or sensation, tends to be sex and possibly love…. Simply by turning the TV or browsing through a magazine or newspaper, we can see how the media has marketed sex and sexuality…… Continue reading What Is Eroticism?

Eroticism: Key to a healthy sensual sexuality.

Although sensuality is often associated with sexuality, it is more closely related with the level of mental, physical, and sexual eroticism we carry inside.  Often our discontent with our body image or the level of psychological stress we are exposed to, prevents us from relating to our bodies in a positive manner.  Lack of being…… Continue reading Eroticism: Key to a healthy sensual sexuality.

Sexual Education: Tantric Tips To Achieve Incredible Orgasms

In previous articles I have written about Tantra  and its amazing benefits when healing sexual traumas.  Tantra however is not only meant to be used when counselling survivors of sexual abuse, it is great for everyone who fully understands and desires a  more fulfilling spiritual and sexual connection. In this article I am going to…… Continue reading Sexual Education: Tantric Tips To Achieve Incredible Orgasms

Tantric Meditation For Self

Meditation has long been used to get in touch with our inner self.  That self which provides us with infinite peace; not the false ego, that part of self where all things make sense and all dreams are possible. Through meditation we allow ourselves to let go of our preconceived ideas and simply watch our…… Continue reading Tantric Meditation For Self

Educating Ourselves: The Different Types Of Female Orgasms

Most of us are not very educated about our own physicality, this is due to the great amount of judgement still placed on sexual education.  While on the one hand society expects us not to talk intelligently about the subject, on the other hand Hollywood releases movies which really are full of insulting, demeaning sexual…… Continue reading Educating Ourselves: The Different Types Of Female Orgasms