Last night I couldn’t sleep; I wasn’t stressed, instead it was a beautiful, exhilarating, creative insomnia–probably the result of having spent my previous evening watching the sunset by the ocean. Since I usually like to sleep nude, I got up and picked a pair of Pj’s and robe (weather is still cold) and went outside.…… Continue reading Night


**Rough Copy You are the reason for my existence Without you all is sadness To your love I offer no resistance You are the light that illuminates my spirit Without you, life would lack its magick Without you, there is no need for my existence You are the lighthouse which guides lost sailors Wakes the…… Continue reading Always

Intense Soul

**Rough Copy They look at me with fear Others mock me and call me weird Their jealousy I can sense Because I live my life in a unique way With fire in my spirit Sacred blood in my veins They cannot understand So they call me “Intense” Defiantly I look back and say “Yes, I…… Continue reading Intense Soul


As I walk on this dirt road Old memories start to unleash They envelope me Consuming all my dreams I think of her again And every other person I have been I look back and realize I was absent from my own life My knees feel like giving in The horrors keep creeping in A…… Continue reading HOPE