My Vow

You are the light that illuminates my harbor Like rays of sunshine your presence is to my existence When you cry even the skies turn gray I want to protect your gentle soul Don’t run Don’t turn away Everything will be all right I will show you the way out You can cry in my…… Continue reading My Vow


This poem is dedicated to the memory of my father who passed years ago; a self made man who taught me the importance of never using people in order to get ahead. A poem written after my father passed, emotions all heightened; it speaks on its own, no explanation needed. (Rough Copy. To this day…… Continue reading Untitled


I was going to call this poem “friendship” but I felt the word “Amistad” and its origin better reflect the emotion I am trying to convey. Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people who know each other. “Amistad” refers to a friend in a similar way but holds a deeper meaning; one that…… Continue reading Amistad

No Regrets

Man in despair with raised hands and bowed head, monochromatic image in a low light room looking in front of mirror

**Rough Copy Out of nowhere you reappeared in my life For a second I feel as if I am dropping into an abyss My senses haunted and confused Your hands tremble as you lift up my favorite flours Their aroma which should intoxicate me, now nauseates my senses My steps no longer follow your footprints…… Continue reading No Regrets