On The Wings Of Freedom - Birds Flying And Broken Chains - Charge Concept

Life is a dream…. Do dreams ever become reality? Life is a dream they say Yet life is about awakening To dream doesn’t take much To dream one just has to be still Yet life is a rollercoaster Dreams and nightmares all mixed To live is to be reborn To open up your eyes to…… Continue reading Dream


Female silhouette on summit

**Rough copy What is life? A process, we seldom stop to recognize A quest, which in our ignorance we jeopardize Life, a journey we barely comprehend Beautiful Fearsome Fleeting A collection of just moments Moments of confusion Moments we regret Moments we admire Moments which set our soul on fire Like a beautiful Tango Life…… Continue reading Life

Butterfly’s Madness

Beautiful traveler of whimsical dreams Chained to nostalgic times Afraid to expand your wings You were awakened among the valley of fears You are gnawed in this aberrant world by insatiable beings Who in their blindness pretend to hold the banner of life Furiously they suck the decency of those who crave to look past…… Continue reading Butterfly’s Madness