Poetic Justice

Sad young Girl sitting, Black And White (Emotions) girl,black and white,hair,face,sad,shadow,light

Poetry is the expression of soul; however, many times people shy away from what I call “Raw Poetry”. Raw poetry is the type of poetry that brings to life subjects which many still find uncomfortable. Our society finds it easier to talk about sexual liberation yet still trembles whenever subjects such as mental and/or physical…… Continue reading Poetic Justice

Reflections: Desire

The word alone makes my knees weak, my mouth salivate and my spirit soar….Oh, but you probably think I am only talking about sex, it seems that is the first thing that comes forth when someone says “desire”. The dictionary defines it as “longing to satiate”, “a strong feeling of wanting to have something”–well then,…… Continue reading Reflections: Desire


As I walk on this dirt road Old memories start to unleash They envelope me Consuming all my dreams I think of her again And every other person I have been I look back and realize I was absent from my own life My knees feel like giving in The horrors keep creeping in A…… Continue reading HOPE

Accepting And Healing Our Emotional Wounds…

Emotional wounds are the results of the painful experiences we have experienced throughout our lives.  These wounds can be multiple and are known by many different names: humiliation, mistrust, betrayal, injustice, abandonment, etc.  In order for us to properly heal we must become aware of our wounds instead of covering them up.  The longer one…… Continue reading Accepting And Healing Our Emotional Wounds…