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I have always loved reading, researching, composing and discovering new things.  When it comes to writing, I am a passionate novice who is grateful to life and those in it who have encouraged me to express myself by writing about my passions, learnings and experiences.  I hope my work helps you wake up to your life instead of living like a Zombie or based on other’s expectations. I hope when you read my work it sparks the parts of you left behind so long ago due to false conditioning.  I hope it touches you and ignites in you a desire to live, to dream, to feel, to develop, to take risks; big or small; without fear of failure, learning to look back at the wounds and setbacks without resentment but with pride that you overcame all of that and are still standing…THAT is greatness!

DEEP WITHIN: THE ENIGMA OF MY SOUL : This is my first book published.  It is a book on poetry, expressing love, loss, hope, pure and animal sensuality; taking your soul hopelessly, madly, desperately and passionately through a rollercoaster of emotions and ecstasy.  You can buy it on Amazon…I hope it gives you a glimpse of my soul and spirit as it gently touches yours!

Deep Within















A JOURNEY IN TIME: A LOOK AT SACRED TEACHINGS:  This books covers not only Sacred History, Egyptian teachings, Greek and Sumerian mythology, The way of the Initiates, Astrotheology of the Ancients, Psychology and more.  Although this book covers subjects often considered sacred or occult and which are mostly left alone; except to serious scholars and experienced minds who have dwelt in such teachings; A Journey In Time has been written in the simplest of ways, making sure it captures the attention of anyone who is serious about self development, taking a deep look at history and what is erroneously considered the “occult”.   This book is meant to challenge your beliefs and inspire you to become the divine powerful being you were meant to be.

IMAGINE:  This book was written entirely focused on the self development of our children.  It uses stories and parables, full of fantasy and adventure to gently awaken the mind and spirit of the young.  Teaching valuable life lesson’s in a way any child could relate without getting lost or tired.  It is a book dedicated to the beautiful and resilient spirit of the young, encouraging them to dream with purpose and to believe in the power they carry within.

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