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I have always loved reading, researching, composing and discovering new things.  When it comes to writing, I am a passionate novice who is grateful to life and those in it, who have encouraged me to express myself by writing about my passions, learnings and experiences. 

I hope my work helps wake you up to life so you may live it with passion. I hope when you read my work it sparks the parts of you left behind so long ago due to false conditioning, and I hope it ignites in you a desire to live, to dream, to feel, to develop, to take risks; big or small; without fear of failure…THAT is greatness!

All my books can be found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Enigma of My Heart: Volume I, Love and Sensual Poetry: This is the first book of the Enigma Collection.  It is a book of poetry on Love, Sensuality and Eroticism.  This book was written to express emotions often kept hidden.  It has been written tastefully to awaken and arouse the romantic and sensual being in you.


Enigma of My Heart: Volume II, Raw Poetry: This is the second book to the Enigma collection.  It is a poetry book based on trauma; depression, loss, psychological and sexual abuse; subjects often not talked about due to shame or false conditioning.  It is also a book on the resilience of the human spirit.  It has been carefully written to awaken readers to the reality of the aftermath of abuse and mental trauma yet in doing so defying the stigma of “silence”




TANTRIC SENSUALITY: (Coming February 2021) This book is the result of countless hours of discussions with couples who often expressed frustration with their sexual and romantic life.  They have often wonder if there could be more to sexuality than what is commonly experienced…there is, that is why I decided to write this book.

It is my desire to share with men and women a different way to experience sexuality, one where they could connect from the heart and soul while discovering new ways to experience pleasure.  “TANTRIC SEXUALITY” teaches couples some of the ancient techniques to help them unify mind, body and soul. 

Tantra is a very extensive Philosophy, Art and Discipline, as such its learning requires years of proper training and practice.  As a Tantric Counselor, I have the outmost respect for Tantra, that is why “TANTRIC SEXUALITY” is not meant to dive profoundly into the Esoteric or deep Psychological wisdom of Tantra; for that is something one cannot learn from a book, it would require years of one on one training.  “TANTRIC SEXUALITY” seeks to instruct men and women in new, more satisfying ways to connect sexually, building genuine intimacy; communicating love, passion and tenderness while discovering higher degrees of pleasure.

IMAGINE:  (Coming December 2022) This book was written entirely focused on the self development of our children.  It uses stories and parables, full of fantasy and adventure to gently awaken the mind and spirit of the young.  Fables I grew up with and from which I drew strength; fables I have shared with my own children. This book teaches valuable life lesson’s in a way any child could relate without feeling lost or tired.  It is a book dedicated to the beautiful and resilient spirit of the young, encouraging them to dream with purpose and to believe in the power they carry within.


This books will cover sacred history, Egyptian teachings, Greek and Sumerian mythology, the way of the Initiates, Astrotheology,  Psychology and more.  This book will cover subjects often considered Sacred or Occult and which are mostly left alone; except to serious scholars and experienced minds who have dwelt in such teachings.  A Journey In Time is being written in the simplest of ways, making sure it captures the attention of anyone who is serious about self development, taking a deep look at history and what is erroneously considered the “occult”.   This book is meant to challenge your beliefs and inspire you to become the divine powerful being you were meant to be.

THE SECRET IN HER EYES: (Coming November 2023) This novel focuses on the life of Elizabeth, a young woman who survived a dark past full of pain, love, passion and loss.

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