If you are looking for help writing a beautiful speech for a special occasion, it would be my honor to be of service to you. As a poet, I will help you create a speech that captures your essence and the essence of the story you would like to share. I will gently guide you through the process, discovering your values, sentiments and most memorable moments in order to create something uniquely yours.

Special Occasions:



Baptisms or



Price for services range between $250-500. Prices include transcribed notes and a final ceremony speech.


Sometimes all we want and need is someone to listen.

Are you feeling sad, burdened, angry, anxious or depressed? Or maybe you just want to confide in someone without feeling pressured or afraid of being judged; as someone who can relate to all of these, I would like to be assistance to you.

If I can, and you so wish, it would be an honor to help guide you through the murky waters you may be experiencing using my educational background and personal life experiences. Together we will navigate through your thoughts and emotions or if you prefer, I can simply be your listening ear. Everything said will always remain 100% confidential as your privacy is my priority.

**Confidentiality agreement must be signed at the start of our first session.

Virtual session $60-$100/hr.

One on one session at my office $120-$200/hr

One on one session at your location $160-$300/hr. (Greater Vancouver area only)

Contact information: or (778) 980-5465