Sometimes all we want and need is someone to listen…

This style of counselling is specifically designed for men.  It focuses on helping men rediscover and reconnect with the divine masculine.  In our modern world we often forget that the heart of a man is not callused and cold but a sweet fire to come home to.  The false armor he has inherited of “men don’t cry”, “men don’t talk about their feelings”, is a heavy burden to carry.  Feelings, traumas kept locked inside…silent cries which haunt his innocence and strength.  The heart of  a man is akin to the most tender new bud blossoming in moist soil, craving the touch of fresh air, to be blown by the breeze and rained upon by sacred falls.  He wants to be seen, to be felt, to know and be known.  

It will be my honor to provide you a safe space to explore and discover your inner self.  Let me help you release the pain, the false conditioning, the secrecy; for when the divine masculine is awakened, a man’s heart reveals tenderness built on a solid masculine foundation of pure strength and love. 

Virtual or over the phone session $60/hr.

One on one session at my office $120/hr.


Tantric counseling is different than traditional counseling. Although analysis is part of the process, Tantric counseling focuses more on intimacy issues & traumas which may be stopping you from connecting in a fulfilling way with your self and your partner. Let me help you reconnect with the divine, loving and sensual being that you are.

You can attend counselling alone or as a couple; it all depends on what you are trying to achieve when it comes to your intimacy.



Level II of Tantric counselling is all about reconnecting the mind and the body. While level I focuses on the mind, level II focuses on reawakening your body in a healthy, loving way which will lead to owning your sensuality and sexuality. Tantric Counseling level II uses the history learned during level I, and gently walks you to a place of comfort with your own body. The use of meditation, yoga, breathing work and light touch are some of the tools used to help you release old pain, unhealthy habits or stigmas you may have carried within for far too long. This also includes the bathing and empowerment ritual (the bathing and empowerment ritual are only included with the Gold package/Gold Package Premier)

Bronze package $240-$320

Gold Package $400

Gold Package Premier $450-500


If you are looking for help writing a beautiful speech for a special occasion, it would be my honor to be of service to you. As a poet, I will help you create a speech that captures your essence and the essence of the story you would like to share. I will gently guide you through the process, discovering your values, sentiments and most memorable moments in order to create something uniquely yours.

Price ranges from $200-$500. Price includes transcribe notes and final ceremony speech edited by a professional editor.  

For inquires or to book an appointment:

Email: Call or text: (778) 980-5465

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