Beneath The Layers

Personal Coach/Codependency, Sexual Trauma & Personal Development.


I have decided to lower my rates in an effort to make therapy more accessible for those who may struggle with regular counselling fees.



In order for real change to take place, your commitment is necessary.  I highly recommend people to make an initial 3 month mental commitment to coaching as it takes time to learn new tools, acquire new habits/beliefs and for real change to take place.  Although people may start to feel better after just a couple of sessions, it is not enough time see long term results.   Some people see permanent changes after a couple of months, others take a little more.  As each person and circumstance is unique, the amount of progress you achieve can only be determined by you and your commitment to your life, goals, dreams.  We will review your progress together and you will decide where you will like to go from there; whether and how you would like to continue.

*A once-weekly three month commitment is recommended for you to get the most out of coaching and to ensure lasting change.

Coaching Consultation:

  • 1 hr in-person individual coaching session $80 (regular price $120). Please understand, I am limited in availability for one on one coaching.  I will however try to do my best to fit you in. 
  • 1hr in-person couple coaching session $100 (regular price $140)




Coaching Consultation Via Skype or Phone:

  • 1hr $60 (regular price $90) Skype therapy is not available for “couple coaching”




Email Coaching:

  • 1 therapeutic email exchange $40 (Regular price $50) This is NOT available for first time clients. 


My coaching services are not covered by the B.C Medical services plan.  If you have coverage through your own, your spouse’s, or a parent’s Extended Health Plan, you may be able to claim some of the costs for my coaching services. 

If you would like to book a session with me and you are experiencing financial difficulties, I do offer a scale system.  If you need help and your financial situation is critical, I will try to do my best to refer you to other available services.

Payment Methods:



Email transfer


Please note: Cancellations need to be made at least 24hours before the appointment to avoid being charged for the session.



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