Redefining Our Concept of Death

When it comes to death most of us fear it. Our reaction is deeply rooted on the lack of familiarization with death. We have an extensive and nourishing vocabulary to help us teach children about life yet death is one of those subjects which remains taboo or is often demonized. We tend to use the…… Continue reading Redefining Our Concept of Death

Dare to Be Different: Invest in Yourself

This article was inspired after a talk with a 25 year old lady, who during one of our conversations expressed her frustration at how much pressure she felt from others, whom are constantly trying to mold her to fit the “status quo” for their age bracket. She constantly has to deal with the pressure of…… Continue reading Dare to Be Different: Invest in Yourself

Friedrich Nietzsche: Quotes for Self Development

This article is about moral progressivism —the idea that human morals consistently improve over time and what Friedrich Nietzsche thinks about it. “I am the first German who has mastered aphorism and aphorisms are a form of eternity. It is my ambition to say in sentences what everyone else says in a book, what everyone…… Continue reading Friedrich Nietzsche: Quotes for Self Development

Pedophilia: The Scars Don’t Vanish

Anyone who is familiar with my writings or follows me on social media knows by now how outspoken I am regarding abuse and its consequences. On my articles and postings, I have been open about my history with physiological and pychological abuse (physical abuse, mental abuse, and having survived terrorism and its horrors). Although I…… Continue reading Pedophilia: The Scars Don’t Vanish