Hindu/Ayurvedic Tantric Massage: Healing Wounds

A Hindu/Ayurvedic Tantric massage is more than just a relaxing massage. This massage has been recommended by Tantric practitioners for its soothing/loving touch vs the more erotic/arousing style. A Tantric massage is a beautiful expression of love, however when a person has undergone severe trauma, the body needs to learn to relax again in order…… Continue reading Hindu/Ayurvedic Tantric Massage: Healing Wounds

Emotions: Changing Negative Perspectives Through NLP

    Every day most of us go through life without being in touch with ourselves; we react more than we create, specially if something negative takes place. We have become conditioned to believe our emotions determine our state of mind and moods; nothing could be further from the truth. Each and all emotions we…… Continue reading Emotions: Changing Negative Perspectives Through NLP

Living With PTSD

Living with PTSD means some days will be better than others. No matter how much I have overcome, there are days in which my PTSD levels will be quite high; today was one of those days.  Believer it or not I have come to accept and to embrace days like this; this may seem odd…… Continue reading Living With PTSD

Ancient Wisdom We Could Still Use Today: The 7 most Illuminated Minds

In today’s busy world, we seem to see our problems as new ones. Truth is some of our problems today are no different than millennia before. In the path for self discovery we come across some of the same questions as our ancestors. It is important to recognize wisdom does not grow old or out…… Continue reading Ancient Wisdom We Could Still Use Today: The 7 most Illuminated Minds

Brain Plasticity: Let It Work For You!

As some of you know I like reading on different subjects. One which am constantly exploring is Neuroplasticity. Many of us have not ever heard about brain plasticity. What is brain plasticity? Brain Plasticity can also be referred as Neuroplasticity. Brain plasticity or Neuroplasticity (a common term used by neuroscientists) is our brain’s ability to…… Continue reading Brain Plasticity: Let It Work For You!

Effective Communication

Many of us don’t realize how important proper communication skills are. Developing a good set of communication skills takes work but it’s one of the most important and powerful skills to have. If we don’t have the proper communication skills, we will encounter problems not only at work, but also in our personal relationships. Improving…… Continue reading Effective Communication

Understanding Superiority, Inferiority and Interiority.

Psychologists developed the “I” complex to help us figure out which “I” do we identify ourselves best with. It helps them identify which “I” do we mean when we say “I” and where in the scale do we rate ourselves.  “Superiority” and “Inferiority” are probably the most commonly known complexes used to describe our ego. …… Continue reading Understanding Superiority, Inferiority and Interiority.

Being Yourself

  Most of us live our adult lives as confused children; what do I mean by this? Imagine a child holding a mirror and staring at her reflection, she becomes so fascinated by what she sees, she forgets who she is. Not only that but if you watch carefully, when she wants to fix something…… Continue reading Being Yourself