Justice: Understanding Karmic Law From A Psychological and Physiological Perspective

This is a long article; I have tried to summarize things, regardless it can be hard to summarize such extent subject. Sometimes human beings tend to label as “bad” anything which may not adjust to our expectations; often seeking paths of less resistance and when that doesn’t work we become tornadoes. Zen masters have always…… Continue reading Justice: Understanding Karmic Law From A Psychological and Physiological Perspective

God According To Baruch Spinoza

Today I would like to share with you a bit of Spinoza’s ideologies which have touched my spirit.  For those of you who may not know about him, he was a Dutch philosopher of Portuguese origin and was considered one of the greatest minds of his time.  Many believed him to be an atheist (by…… Continue reading God According To Baruch Spinoza

Astrotheology: Rediscovering Sacred Teachings

“God Created the spirit free, but man created religions in order to subdue it” Antonio Porras   This article is in no way meant to be offensive to anyone; that is not my intention when writing this.  It doesn’t matter to me what your religious or political background is, this article is only meant to…… Continue reading Astrotheology: Rediscovering Sacred Teachings

Sacred Goddess/Sacred Prostitute: Rediscovering The Sacred Feminine

I have chosen to write about the roots and power of the sacred feminine from a historical/mythological perspective.  This subject is quite delicate considering what encompasses; as such if you are easily offended or not open to exploring history as it was vs what has been distorted and handed down to us through many generations,…… Continue reading Sacred Goddess/Sacred Prostitute: Rediscovering The Sacred Feminine

7 Steps To Happiness According to Old Spiritual Hindu Teachings.

We all want to find happiness and many times we can get frustrated when reminded that happiness is something which is in you.  As Voltaire said, we as human beings tend to search for happiness in the same way a drunk person searches for his home, not knowing where it is but having the certainty…… Continue reading 7 Steps To Happiness According to Old Spiritual Hindu Teachings.

The Natural Enemies Of Man

Recently I have been reading more and more on the life and works of Carlos Castaneda. For those of you who don’t know who he is here is a brief bio: Carlos Castaneda was one of the greatest anthropologist of the new era.  Born in Peru in 1925, he lived and studied in United States…… Continue reading The Natural Enemies Of Man

The 6 lessons of Enki

There are two “Gods” within Sumerian History which truly reflect the eternal dance of good and evil, Ying and Yang, darkness and light.  These two Gods were Enki and Enlil.  Today I am going to concentrate on Enki, whom by Sumerian History was humanity’s benefactor.  Sumerian History precedes the bible by hundredths of thousands of…… Continue reading The 6 lessons of Enki

Alchemy: The 7 Hermetic Principles

What are the 7 Hermetic Principles? They are a set of seven timeless and extremely important laws/functions of the universe; which have been famously outlined in the Kybalion; a famous hermetic text. Let me give you a little background history…. In ancient Egypt there was a God named Tahuti; the god of writing; really the…… Continue reading Alchemy: The 7 Hermetic Principles