My room dark as my soul The shadows but a reflection of my heart The smell of whisky my punishment Lonely and sad I sit here Missing your body and your voice Don’t you know you are my light? Let me be your wolf I thirst and hunger for your touch I want to navigate…… Continue reading Passion

Our Pact

Your love and mine It lives, grows and endures It feeds on sweet historical nostalgia And current life affairs. Although our path was arduous We enjoy a love well founded Through the ups and downs Our love has remained strong We have tamed storms And swam on gentle waves It has been years since we…… Continue reading Our Pact

Plenitude vs. Happiness: Learning to listen to your inner voice

As the new year starts, we often tend to find ourselves in the pursuit of new goals; hoping their achievement will bring satisfaction to our lives. There is nothing wrong with goals, however when our goals are only external and one becomes obsessed with them, disappointment is bound to follow. Both Gurdjieff and Carl Jung…… Continue reading Plenitude vs. Happiness: Learning to listen to your inner voice

Sad Reality

How your memory hurts It hurts not to see you Not kiss you, Not touch you You are so far yet your memory haunts me I would like to search for you Yet I know any search would be in vain My time has passed As a shooting star passes I make a wish I…… Continue reading Sad Reality

Pedophilia: The Scars Don’t Vanish

Anyone who is familiar with my writings or follows me on social media knows by now how outspoken I am regarding abuse and its consequences. On my articles and postings, I have been open about my history with physiological and pychological abuse (physical abuse, mental abuse, and having survived terrorism and its horrors). Although I…… Continue reading Pedophilia: The Scars Don’t Vanish