**A rough copy of my latest poem: Let me savor the exquisite aroma of your skin That smell which emanates every time our bodies unite Our bodies reaching their maximum intensity When your moans are wild And your nails tear at my back. We share nights full of sinful passions Glorious sunrises which fill our…… Continue reading Crave


**This is a rough copy; still deciding on the best title to describe it. He looked at his reflection in the mirror Lost within the depth of his own eyes Eyes which expressed sadness and anger An empty soul whose heart felt broken His reflection no longer meant something For he felt like the walking…… Continue reading Lost


There is an instant, a surreal moment A moment when life’s road no longer offer a fork The road has become one and there is nowhere to ran. You realize the end is near and it will come Despite all odds you start to ran Like a madman trying not to reach your destination Like…… Continue reading Life

Unquenchable Fire

You are the muse of my dreams The inspiration found within my soul I happily surrounder to your caressess I want to make you mine, only mine. You are the light that shines inside my heart, You are the magic I rely on during my long nights Nights where I long to possess you Taking…… Continue reading Unquenchable Fire

It’s Necessary

It’s okay to have days like these It’s okay to succumb to the pain Feeling the vastness of the darkness Embracing what may feel like madness. It’s okay to feel so human, To discard emotional baggage To let wounds heal And to see what can be salvaged. With a tired soul, Tears run freely, My…… Continue reading It’s Necessary

Without You

Come sweeten my life For without you, I have nothing Without you, I am but a ghost Words and laughter matter not I only recognize the silence. You are the one who brings out my magic Let me be your earth, your air, your water. You are life’s breath Divine Venus who brought me out…… Continue reading Without You

Warrior Within

This is a rough copy of a poem which I am dedicating to anyone who has ever endured a mental or physical abusive relationship. Sometimes when one has endured pain growing up, one tends to accept more pain and abuse as if it was natural. It is not that one goes out looking for abusive…… Continue reading Warrior Within


My room dark as my soul The shadows but a reflection of my heart The smell of whisky my punishment Lonely and sad I sit here Missing your body and your voice Don’t you know you are my light? Let me be your wolf I thirst and hunger for your touch I want to navigate…… Continue reading Passion

Our Pact

Your love and mine It lives, grows and endures It feeds on sweet historical nostalgia And current life affairs. Although our path was arduous We enjoy a love well founded Through the ups and downs Our love has remained strong We have tamed storms And swam on gentle waves It has been years since we…… Continue reading Our Pact

Sad Reality

How your memory hurts It hurts not to see you Not kiss you, Not touch you You are so far yet your memory haunts me I would like to search for you Yet I know any search would be in vain My time has passed As a shooting star passes I make a wish I…… Continue reading Sad Reality