**rough draft ************************************************************************* What is perfection? Does it even exist? Why are we so eager to sacrifice the best in us over a myth? Blind we are to believe within perfection lies beauty A useless word to masquerade silent cruelty. Perfection…. The absence of growth A state of sick complacency A place to hide from…… Continue reading IMPERFECT


Memories…. That is all I will be left with soon Your departure is imminent You leave me here as you move on to another journey I can feel the tears welling up inside I want to cry but tears won’t flow My heart too afraid to let go Too afraid to say goodbye. In limbo…… Continue reading ELIZABETH


**This is a rough copy of my latest poem ************************************************************************************************************************************************** She is enigma Delicately dressed in lace Clothed by elegance I yearned to feel her embrace. She is the commander of magical moments I watch her as she gently tilts her head I want this moment to last Yet my body becomes my greatest opponent.…… Continue reading Enchantress