Intellect or Blind Faith?: Understanding Illumination

When it comes to spirituality, faith or occultism, it seems the same rule applies: in order to know God, divinity or transcendental reality, it is necessary to put aside the mind and live the experience; only through a special state of consciousness it is possible to connect with it. The above is excellent advise, except…… Continue reading Intellect or Blind Faith?: Understanding Illumination

Tantra: Uniqueness as a Path to Awakening

So many times we hear the saying “I am awake” as a way to refer to us as more illuminated, saintly, holy…but do we really know what it is that we are saying? or have we; like many so called masters; fallen pray to the spiritual ego and the false idea of dissolving the ego….…… Continue reading Tantra: Uniqueness as a Path to Awakening

The Warrior Spirit

The following is based on Sacred Shamanic teachings, which I thought would be good to share, as more often than not, we find ourselves questioning our path. At the end of the day, we don’t know anything for sure, this real uncertainty may be the reason why we often seek refuge in religion, spirituality, magick,…… Continue reading The Warrior Spirit

Balance: Can The Law Go Too Far?

Not too long ago there was yet another shooting in the US at an elementary school; that particular horrendous event gave rise to the debate about gun control. I was vocal about my dislike for the low regulations for gun control (not everywhere of course, there are countries with far better regulations than others), this…… Continue reading Balance: Can The Law Go Too Far?

Breaking Toxic Family Ties Without Remorse.

Upon my return from the Island, I felt lighter and happier…one would say recharged. My days there not only allowed me to reconnect and align my body but also my mind. I went there with no other expectations than to de-stress a bit, and came back with a clearer mindset. Being in nature, surrounded by…… Continue reading Breaking Toxic Family Ties Without Remorse.

Empaths: Simple Ways to Care for Yourself

Recently I was reading a book given to me by one of my loved ones; the book was about the beauty of empaths, but it also expressed how an empath can get drained pretty quickly if certain boundaries are not set. You can imagine how hard it is for an empath to set boundaries; an…… Continue reading Empaths: Simple Ways to Care for Yourself

Hate is Not an Option

This article is based on a discussion I had with a group last Friday, as a result of current world events. I won’t go into the details of that discussion, for I want this article to be a little bit lighter and to focus on the beauty of self without falling pray to false positivism.…… Continue reading Hate is Not an Option

Feline Philosophy

Adorable portrait of a domestic cat. Black and white photography. Multi-colored long-haired fluffy cat. The cat looks away

Today I want to write about Philosophy from a lighter yet quite beneficial perspective. I am an animal lover and quite often feel despite the fact they are not human, they often can teach us the most about humanity. I am not going to romanticize every aspect of nature and the animal kingdom, for that…… Continue reading Feline Philosophy

Philosophy And Modern Life: Prometheus

In our current era; an era of rediscovery; we are learning to understand the real meaning of metaphors and the abstract. In our ignorance or false sense of loyalty to blinding paradigms, we for centuries took concepts which were meant to be allegories and interpretations as literal, and took literal concepts as abstract or allegories.…… Continue reading Philosophy And Modern Life: Prometheus

Chi Nei Tsang Massage: Healing The Inside

Chi Nei Tsang is a Tantric Taoist technique developed according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Chi Nei Tsang physically seeks and treats emotional blockages found in the organs to free them from pain, helping us heal. This particular style of massage can at first feel unpleasant to a lot of people who are…… Continue reading Chi Nei Tsang Massage: Healing The Inside