God According To Baruch Spinoza

Today I would like to share with you a bit of Spinoza’s ideologies which have touched my spirit.  For those of you who may not know about him, he was a Dutch philosopher of Portuguese origin and was considered one of the greatest minds of his time.  Many believed him to be an atheist (by…… Continue reading God According To Baruch Spinoza

Are We Smart Enough?: Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and Education Theory

This article was inspired by a conversation I recently had with two caring educators from my daughter’s school.  I’ve always been of the strong belief that in order to properly educate young minds, there has to be more than just reciting of theory but a deep desire to make an actual impact on a person’s…… Continue reading Are We Smart Enough?: Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and Education Theory

Chaos: An Alchemical and Psychoanalytical Perspective

In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order Carl Jung Recently I have been diving into a lot of “occult” material, revisiting teachings I grew up with as well as looking to expand my knowledge of Alchemy and its relations to the mind or what modern psychology calls Psychoanalysis.  I…… Continue reading Chaos: An Alchemical and Psychoanalytical Perspective

The “I” according to Carl Jung

We all use the word “I” yet we seldom look at its origin.  Within the majority of languages one finds the concept of “I” but have we ever stopped to analyze what  “I” represents? According to many modern psychologists; who base themselves mostly on what is unofficially call materialistic psychology; believe the “I” to be…… Continue reading The “I” according to Carl Jung

The Lie Hidden Behind “Tolerance”

“An artist if he is unselfish and passionate, is always a living protest.  Just to open his mouth is to protest: against a conformism, against what is official, public or national, what everyone else feels comfortable with. So the moment when he opens his mouth an artist is engaged because opening his mouth is always…… Continue reading The Lie Hidden Behind “Tolerance”

Congruency: The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself

Am sure pretty much everyone has come in contact with people who lack congruency.  These are the type of people who say one thing but behave differently.  Congruency is the balance or harmony between what one feels and what one does or expresses. Being congruent is linked to a certain transparency both internal (of a…… Continue reading Congruency: The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself

Astrotheology: Rediscovering Sacred Teachings

“God Created the spirit free, but man created religions in order to subdue it” Antonio Porras   This article is in no way meant to be offensive to anyone; that is not my intention when writing this.  It doesn’t matter to me what your religious or political background is, this article is only meant to…… Continue reading Astrotheology: Rediscovering Sacred Teachings