Edward Bono’s Steps To Critical Thinking

Edward Charles de Bono is a Maltese, physician, psychologist, philosopher, author, inventor and consultant. Edward Bono has written about 57 books with translations into 34 languages.  He has taught his thinking methods to government agencies, corporate clients, organizations and individuals; privately or publicly in group sessions.  He promoted the World Center for New Thinking (2004-2011)…… Continue reading Edward Bono’s Steps To Critical Thinking

Are We Being Infantilized?

It is impossible to negate just how much life has changed within the last century; we have seen how in a small period of time, nations have disappeared and super powers have been born.  Within this century however, something else has transpired, something which despite its enormous effect has been ignored; that is the infantilization…… Continue reading Are We Being Infantilized?

Are We Really Free?

The following article might be a bit longer than usual, however I believe it is one we all should take the time to examine.  At the end whatever you choose to believe is up to you.  You have the right to exercise your “freedom”.  All my life I have loved examining, analyzing; studying human behavior…… Continue reading Are We Really Free?

Life’s Principles According To Gurdjieff

  According to Gurdjieff’s “The fourth way”; each action within our universe requires the interaction of three forces.  These three forces impregnates all major and minor actions; from the creation of the universe to something as trivial as a cat hissing at someone for what may seem no apparent reason. The first force is manifested…… Continue reading Life’s Principles According To Gurdjieff

Learning To Respect Ourselves

In order to learn to respect oneself one has to start the journey within.  It is learning to look at oneself clearly and to accept oneself as one is; only then can we start changing any negative patterns.  No negative pattern can be change from a place of self denial, one first has to bring…… Continue reading Learning To Respect Ourselves

Intelligent People And Depression

Experts tell us very smart people may suffer from what might be termed a personality dissociating disorder.  They become spectators of their lives; as if they are watching them from a different place.  Another way to help you understand may be to compared them to a narrator who uses a voice in the third person…… Continue reading Intelligent People And Depression

Four Easy Steps Towards Reclaiming Your Self Love And Self Esteem

After recently writing about a Poem by Charles Chaplin on Self Love and Self Respect I decided it was time to write about how to start reclaiming our own self love and self esteem. You may wonder why I chose the word “Reclaiming” within my title instead of simply naming this article “Four Easy Steps…… Continue reading Four Easy Steps Towards Reclaiming Your Self Love And Self Esteem

We Are Never Too Old Or Too Young To Start Making A Difference

Today I had planned on writing about our inner child and how to get in touch with him or her, however I was reminded by my daughter Sierra about a writing assignment she had to do for her English Class.  I could see how much it meant to her and frankly I am very proud…… Continue reading We Are Never Too Old Or Too Young To Start Making A Difference

Harry Sullivan’s Interpersonal Theory: Understanding Self

  The interpersonal theory of Harry Stack Sullivan on the development of personality is one of the best known in the field of psychoanalysis. Harry Stack Sullivan published in 1953 “The interpersonal theory of psychiatry”; this was his developed model on human personality, which is framed/renowned in the paradigm of psychoanalysis.  Furthermore we can classify…… Continue reading Harry Sullivan’s Interpersonal Theory: Understanding Self

Healing The Mind: Principles According To Katie Byron

Lately I was having a discussion on what to do when anxiety, or depression start to get a hold of our bodies.  Those who have experienced anxiety attacks, depression, neurosis, understand how none of these symptoms automatically occur; they can creep on us, slowly yet suddenly, like a wave. The body senses the wave as…… Continue reading Healing The Mind: Principles According To Katie Byron