**A rough copy of my latest poem: Let me savor the exquisite aroma of your skin That smell which emanates every time our bodies unite Our bodies reaching their maximum intensity When your moans are wild And your nails tear at my back. We share nights full of sinful passions Glorious sunrises which fill our…… Continue reading Crave


**This is a rough copy; still deciding on the best title to describe it. He looked at his reflection in the mirror Lost within the depth of his own eyes Eyes which expressed sadness and anger An empty soul whose heart felt broken His reflection no longer meant something For he felt like the walking…… Continue reading Lost

The Homeless: Persistence of a Stereotype

We all know since Covid our world has changed drastically. Things we used to take for granted we now miss dearly; “Little Freedoms”. Depending on where you are in the world, your surroundings may have been impacted it more than others; for those of us lucky enough to live in developed countries, it has taught…… Continue reading The Homeless: Persistence of a Stereotype

3 Simple Lessons To Transform Our lives.

Man Top Mountain Top Success Mountain Climb

Let me ask you a question; if you could go back in time would you make the same choices? Some would respond with a resounding “No” due to all the horrible experiences they had to endure throughout their lives. Others however, would respond with a resounding “Yes” as without having lived those experiences they would…… Continue reading 3 Simple Lessons To Transform Our lives.


There is an instant, a surreal moment A moment when life’s roads no longer offer a fork The road has become one and there is nowhere to ran. You realize the end is near and it will come Despite all odds you start to ran Like a madman trying not to reach your destination Like…… Continue reading Life

Unquenchable Fire

You are the muse of my dreams The inspiration found within my soul I happily surrounder to your caressess I want to make you mine, only mine. You are the light that shines inside my heart, You are the magic I rely on during my long nights Nights where I long to possess you Taking…… Continue reading Unquenchable Fire

Soul-Sexual & Polyamory: The Truth Behind The Myth

In the past I have written a bit on topics such as Soul-Sexual and Polyamory in relations to subjects regarding sexuality and relationships, because of that I received many questions and comments regarding these topics. After reading the questions and comments over and over again, it became clear to me that a lot of people…… Continue reading Soul-Sexual & Polyamory: The Truth Behind The Myth