Kundalini Rising

People often hear about Kundalini; seeing images of it on manuals, books, etc. Often people associate Kundalini with yoga yet such association is quite superficial. In a previous article titled “Kundalini Yoga”, I explained a bit further what real Kundalini Yoga entails and why most people should not attempt to awaken the Kundalini without proper…… Continue reading Kundalini Rising


SHADOW WORK, GRATITUDE, LOVE… Reflections of a weird mind and spirit…. Shadow work: Don’t be afraid to meet your shadow and dance with it. Every ancient culture and belief, once dissected and separated from dogma states the same…meet your darkness, be aware of it, dance with it, transmute it and integrate the new energy. All…… Continue reading REFLECTION #2


I tend to reflect a lot on my life, life in general; its meaning, its mysteries. The term reflection denotes the act or state of being reflected while in introspection, and so I decided to start sharing some of my reflections…. Since the moment we are born, we carry within divinity.  Since we are born, we…… Continue reading REFLECTION #1


This poem is dedicated to the memory of my father who passed years ago; a self made man who taught me the importance of never using people in order to get ahead. A poem written after my father passed, emotions all heightened; it speaks on its own, no explanation needed. (Rough Copy. To this day…… Continue reading Untitled


I was going to call this poem “friendship” but I felt the word “Amistad” and its origin better reflect the emotion I am trying to convey. Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people who know each other. “Amistad” refers to a friend in a similar way but holds a deeper meaning; one that…… Continue reading Amistad