Come sweeten my life

For without you, I have nothing

Without you, I am but a ghost

Words and laughter matter not

I only recognize the silence.

You are the one who brings out my magic

Let me be your earth, your air, your water.

You are life’s breath

Divine Venus who brought me out of slaughter

With you I am everything

In your absence I am nothing.

Like the waves that seek the sun

I look forward to our meetings

Come to me gypsy woman

I will bathe in your waters.

I will be your in your dreams

I wan to hear your moans

Let me hear your pleasurable screams

As our bodies fuse creating steam.

I will be the song you dance to

Just so I may move with your body

I will be the night

So I may watch over you

I will be the sun

Gently warming you as the day goes by.

Let me become Spring

That I may be the perfume found in flowers

Awakening your every sense

Filling you with dreams and desires.

Let the winter come

Turn me into your shelter

I will hold you close

Let me fill the longing inside you

Let me give you a poet’s kiss

Release your passions with me

For my love for you is endless

Faithful and timeless.

I want to be the one who changes your life

The one who brings back your smile

Let me bring joy back to your life

As you bring serenity to my soul

Love me with rampant passion

Let us make love again at dawn.

Hear my cries and rush to me

For I ache without you

I was born for you

Without you, I am nothing

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