My room dark as my soul

The shadows but a reflection of my heart

The smell of whisky my punishment

Lonely and sad I sit here

Missing your body and your voice

Don’t you know you are my light?

Let me be your wolf

I thirst and hunger for your touch

I want to navigate your valleys

Your smell like Venus

Guiding me towards your magical waves

I want to get lost in your crescent moon

Tasting the deepest, quietest parts of you

And as we move through our ritual

I want to hear your moans like howls

Let me inhabit and penetrate you

As your lips gently bite mine

Tear me apart,

Burn me with desire,

As I fill you with my sweetness

I want to take command of your body

Yet it is you who owns me

I am water controlled by your tide

I follow only one path

Which leads to you and your touch

Yet tonight I sit here alone

Waiting for your return.

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