Red Death

The following is born as tribute to Edgar Allan Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death". It seems quite fitting for the times we are living in.
"Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed"
Friedrich Nietzsche


Blessed is death; I do not fear it
Enigmatic, dark, majestic
Like a parental figure it comes
Separating us from "mother earth" 
Ripping us from her soils 
Taking us back to the eternal womb
Where we rest awake until its time to dream again
Once more Gaia claims us 
But there is a "Con" lurking in the shadows
Fools are we, delirious and naïve
To believe this spherical path is all there is
With its pains and its pleasures
"Unconditional Love" that rips us apart in life and in death
Oh Red Death; magnificent you claim to be 
Yet your cruelty I have seen
Mask made of wax, sorrows and sins
Tonight you find shelter behind candles
You hide and find refuge among the shadows 
Shadows within light
Light within shadow
Nothing but an intertwined fate
Where those sleep seek to find peace
Yet those who face the abyss know it isn't real
Are we not divine fire caged in skin?
I seek to transcend yet Maya keeps me locked
Like a blind man I walk around 
Among the fabric of this place
Among the darkness comes Red Death
Silent it comes to meet me
To the ballroom together we shall go
We shall meet and greet all guests
Tonight we shall drink and shall party!
I look around for my kind
I see "wise men" and "intellectuals"
Fashionable enlightened artists
Doctrine mixed with the divine
What a circus of life!
Where are the warriors of today?
High and low I search yet my kind isn't here
No Warriors; no integrity in their wars!
There are only pencils and promises of peace
How can they know anything about this?
They hide behind curtains of courtesies and false pleasantries
There is not time to waste
The grains of sand are running out
I implore the warriors "please wake up and emerge"
The ones who understand the "Old Code"
Where false ego dies instead of rivers of innocent blood
I look around this fancy room with all its delights
I keep searching for those warriors eyes
I scream yet my voice falls silent to their ears
Where is the honor of men these days?
That you shall let your life pass you by
As life leaves you, you'd rather face regrets
Regrets fill your soul yet you will not fight
What would this fight be?
What battle, what enemy?
Is it not just yourself?
It all starts with you my friend
For you are the "Philosopher's Stone"
Accept this and the enemy without can't hurt you
Let us face the enemy within
Not your shadow but your foe
The dark mask of hypocrisy 
Oh but you tremble at the idea of seeing your lies fall
Who will you be if you would allow yourself to be free?
But freedom is not for the weak
Face yourself for you and your brothers are sleep
Possessed by the dark force of "kind" illumination
While you "sleep" the beasts around are gathering
They dress themselves in white to play this game of chess
But the game has changed 
Colors of freedom are now monopolized
A game that keeps you entertained
You are blind but you are well fed
False pleasantries and illusions
Empty promises and false conclusions
You are being stuffed to the gills
For that you've given up your freedom
Yet you are the main course in their feast
Their masks are more sinister than what you can see
Their actions colder than ice
They offer death dressed in silk garments
Their torture painful yet slow
It is our choice to feed or not the happy beasts
But you've got to be willing to face and embrace yourself
Are you willing to die inside and be reborn?
Are you willing to wake up from this sick fantasy?
Restore your mind and spirit
Awaken to protect your true self from the devastation which now surrounds us,
What other option do you have?
You either wake the inner warrior to fight
Or you remain the animal being tenderized for the feast
We are but innocent creatures being slayed by parasites
In this mirage of a party everything has been served
There is nothing left but to serve you the poison drink
A liquor which will seduce and dominate you
On their plates you shall lay
nothing of you will be left
But before dying you shall see their mask melt
Red Death shall look at your eyes
They shall see your pain
You will see their pleasure
That will be the end of you 
No mercy will be given
That is how this party ends decide to awake!

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By Sofia Falcone

I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges, victories, hopes and learnings, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves!

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