Let’s release the ties

That keep us locked yet stranded

And let’s go to sea.

Unafraid of the storms

Let the winds carry us

Let them take us somewhere else

Without being certain of our destination.

Where others see souls wondering aimlessly

We know we are spirits living shamelessly

We shall discover new places, new people, new experiences

We shall reach for the unknown.

In this ambiguous sailing

The moon and the stars shall guide our destinations

Let them decide where we are to explore

For they know of our desires and of my Gypsy Soul.

Surrounded by waves and the howling of winds

We shall strip our souls naked and let each other in.

Life will be the water to our wounded desserts

Then we shall laugh until our bellies hurt.

We shall empty our minds of our worries

We shall vomit the pain and the hurts

Our spirits refreshed will reach out for more

The strength found within like a beautiful Arabian horse.

There among the seas,

We’ll trace our route to our man-made heaven

We shall own our destiny by creating our world

Yet trust life to guide us with its unending love.

Lost but found that is whom we shall be

Crazy and sane, like the old philosophers and poets of the books we often read.

We will talk of nothing important and of things with depth.

We will watch the seagulls fly

We will feel the breeze of the ocean

We will be as mischievous as the dolphins.

We will laugh and cry

We shall dance and sing

We will hold each other

We will expand our wings.

We shall rest our souls until we reach new lands,

There we shall explore new cultures

Imprinting the memories on our hearts

For memories is all we really are.

Memories of our lives together

Memories no one can tear apart

Our lives will be our art.

We shall travel until we can travel no more

Then life will take us to a new untainted shore

Deserted paradise, we shall call home.

There we shall wait for time to do as it pleases

We shall watch the sunrise and the sunset

We shall cast our nets

And we shall look at life without regrets.

I will hold your hand until it’s time to let go

But no matter, for one day we shall see each other again,

Like old lovers and friends our spirits will greet

For it is you and me, it always was, it always shall be.