She was lost, a wondering soul,

All expression long disappeared from her face,

Eyes dry without tears,

Her gaze had a heartbreaking void,

Hurt yet without feelings,

Talking to her was wasted time,

No one could reach her,

No one knew why,

She walked alone while she was fragile,

She walked slowly, without haste,

Trying to leave behind the great misery,

Where tears had turned her warm soul into a cold and dark coffin,

In a matter of seconds her dreams had been shattered to pieces,

So much time had passed since the last time she smiled,

She used to be happy and in love with life,

Her skin used to enjoy the touch of the sun,

She was the victim of a cruel game,

Fell pray to a bet and deception

Where the only winner was false ego,

False as the masks they wore to cover their horrid acts,

Acts of sick pleasure and torture,

No one should have to remember that,

Even the one she thought was real

turned out to have the blackest soul,

Rotten was he and without a trace of light,

He drank her innocence and delivered her to the ones who ravaged her body and soul,

She was dead while alive,

Her soul had left her body,

Her heart and mind hated each other,

Blaming themselves for such great suffering,

Her gaze became ice,

Time and time again they came back

until she was left delusional and without life,

They won…or so they thought

Each day she stood up,

One step in front of the other,

Until the warrior inside awoke,

She then understood her spirit could not be broken,

She learned to defy her surroundings,

Her beauty became their torment,

They no longer could satiate their cravings,

They could not force her to give in,

Demeaning names they called her

Trying to hide their shame behind lies,

Yet the cruelty of their words fell before the coldness of her steps,

Some try to love her yet her heart was cold as ice,

Words were lost on her,

No one understood why,

They could not see the fragility of her armor,

She had faced the abyss and survived its claws

She came back haunted and torn,

Only one understood the beauty past the storm,

She showed him her demons,

He was left wanting more,

She was the air to his fire,

Igniting his spirit back to life,

He was the monster tamer,

Full of compassion and love,

The courage of her spirit shone through her honey eyes,

He found in her a gentle, innocent yet haunted look,

Eyes that pierced his soul as no one had before,

A body that rose his temptations,

Her mind an ocean where he was ready to get lost,

He understood her beauty hid the disappointment brought on by false love, torture and deceit,

He held her face between his powerful hands,

Her gaze beautiful but heartbreaking,

As they gave in to one another the storms started to disappeared,

They nurtured each other back to life,

She finally discovered what others call LOVE,

She understood what it was to fly between the clouds,

She told the world about her beloved,

The one she had known all along,

The day their eyes met they recognized each other,

Life after life their spirits seek one another,

Until inevitably they are bound to connect,

Dessert and water

Fire and Ice

Heaven and Hell

Darkness and light

Join together by the power of life!