No one is born knowing the intricancies of relationships; especially romantic ones; we are each unique with our own histories, gifts and wounds; however, I believe we can always learn from our past experiences and from the tremendous amount of information out there as well as the advice of others–ultimately it comes down to the listening of our hearts .

A relationship doesn’t grow because of the love once felt at the beginning but how well we continue building on that love regardless of the challenges ( hence at the beginning is called falling in love; very different that being in love).

To fall in love is easy, to remain in it requires rawness of spirit, it isn’t easy; probably one of the most challenging things we can ever experience; but with the right person and at the right time, it’s worth it–that is why we experience various relationships; they were lessons, preparing us for the right one.

Great relationships have problems–the more real you get, the more vulnerable you become as a result we tend to build up our walls afraid to be hurt. Love doesn’t hurt, our wounds do; because of the pain we experience when our wounds are triggered, we lose sight of love and confuse its unfolding; its helping us face our traumas; with love equals pain but love isn’t pain.

Love is healing–Real love, true love; if you like calling it that; will help you walk through your ups and downs; as you do, love will grow more and more each day.

Carl Jung taught that in order to heal you need to walk through the dark parts of the soul, where our wounds and fears reside. It won’t be easy but when life brings forth your twin, more than your mirror, your companion, growing happens.

The best advise I ever heard was never to stop doing the things you did at the beginning and with the person meant for you there won’t be an end!

Love’s Mark 

I wrote on your skin
They were just a few letters
With each letter carved
I was marking your soul
I wrote on your skin
The sensation carried you away
To places you never dreamed of
As you started to explore us
You practically blew me away
I wrote on your skin
Since that day temptation was born
A temptation that consumes me
I vowed there would be no limits
Nothing will stop the satisfying of our thirst
Nor the worshipping of each other’s soul
I wrote on your skin
Promptly you understood such essence
Can only be felt once in a lifetime
The feelings and connections
Multiplying with each subsequent encounter
Multiplying with each kiss
With each night and each dawn!