You are the muse who haunts my dreams
You are the inspiration to my soul
You are the magic in my heart
You are the light that illuminates the darkest of my nights
Nights in which I long to possess you
Taking you deeply until you can feel my soul
The color of your skin as beautiful as the finest cinnamon
The warmth of your skin captivates my soul
Your eyes emanate a sweet yet penetrating look
If I look too closely, I fear I may get lost in them
Lost in the sunset of your beautiful brown eyes
Haunted eyes which hold a thousand secrets
Secrets which I long to unlock
Eyes which invite me to get lost in discovering you
You are a labyrinth full of passions
Exquisite lips which when kissed conveyed the depth of your soul
Under the rays of light, you are innocent yet strong
Under the cover of night, you are sensuality incarnated
Life has created you chaotic, magical yet perfectly divine
I lose my sanity yearning to hold you one more time
The girl, the woman, the muse in disguise
I have fallen pray to your power, the enchantress of my heart you are
You are the magic under the full moon
I am the wolf howling, seeking to get close
Scared as a wounded bird
Free as a butterfly
Dangerous and enigmatic as a phoenix
When your fires ignite, even the full moon gets envious of your light
The starry sky cries to have lost its most beautiful star
My muse, take me to your world of dreams
Let me contemplate life through your eyes
Your captivating gaze has claimed my soul
I fall to the madness of your sublime caresses
Where I lose myself without reservations
You are my dream and my demise
My muse, my lover, my wife!