You all those who have been violently hurt when you were defenseless…make your life count, for you have every right to be happy. No matter how much they tried to make you believe otherwise, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL…

The gray walls are but a reflection of her soul
Her white gown but a mirror of the innocence hidden within
Day in and day out she looks out a miniature window
Her mind travels wondering if anyone misses her out there
The clock’s ticking a painful remainder of time passing by
Had they forgotten she existed?
Scared, broken and battered she cries to the Gods
“What did I do wrong?”
“Why did you let me see the light of day only to torture me so?”
She is but 12 yet her body already knows every sin known to men
A fool she was to have believed anyone cared
What a fool to have believed anyone would save her
Now locked in a room she cries herself to sleep
Her stomach feeling sick each time they force down the pills
They tell her all will be okay, she just needs to admit the truth
The truth is not important for lies is what they seek
Liars they all are!
The ones who broke her run around free
They brought her to that ghostly cold place
Where was mom and dad?
She wonders each day if they can hear her cries
At night the memories come rushing in
They sedate her….
Even in her sleep she is not safe
New vultures take her young tender body at night
A broken body…
Muffled cries…
The shredded face…
Scattered pieces of her broken soul
“I will not abandon you” he had said
Lies…where was he now?
No one to defend her…
No one to hear her cries…
Days melt into nights…
Nights melt into days…
“If you admit you imagined it, all will be well”
Every morning she calls for those who were supposed to love and protect her
“They will be here once you get better”
Excuses, more lies…
Soon the spring turns into winter
Her anguish and pain take over every night
Fly she must…
She flies to the deepest parts of herself
No one but those who stand looking down the cliff
can understand her pain.
Vultures walk around disguised as peacocks
One day an angel in white appeared
Their eyes met, and he saw all which she hid
“Oh child… I wish I could undo what has been done”
She tries to force a smile but only tears rush forth
Soon she sees the blinding light of the sun
Soon she sees the ocean
The smell of fresh air hits her like a stabbing knife
She doesn’t know her nightmare isn’t over
Her happiness lasts but for a little while
It’s her birthday; a day never to be remembered
Another vulture has been trying to eat her flesh for a while
She begs for him to stop
He just covers up her cries
She cries in pain as he laughs
He grunts her name
That vile, ugly name
A name which vultures like
As he violently thrusts, she flies
She flies far away where there is no pain
A place where she can feel nothing but be numb
She stands shaking and defeated
Sheets stain with blood; her sacrifice
She finds the strength to run
She finds a voice to speak for her
But they all turn their backs
They tried to buy her silence
They threaten her life
She seeks their eyes but they hide in shame
“You just imagined it” they say
More lies…
She vows never to return
One day she would be far from their claws
One day she would show them.
Nobody knows when she stopped living
Nobody knows just how great was her hell
All she ever wanted was to fly
To be as free as a butterfly
Instead she was sacrificed in a sea of solitude
She learned the sweet perfume of death’s flowers
In the darkness she laments every night
They tried to kill her but she survived
Forged in fire; she now stands tall
They took her body, bruised her soul
But they weren’t counting on God
The universe embraced her
Infused its breath of life
Like a lotus flower she now blossoms
She rises from the ashes; she has been reborn
She is now a warrior
A dark angel
And words are her sword
She made friends with her demons
Angels are her guardians and her light
She no longer fears the dark
No more silence…
No more lies!