Your presence announces itself within the weariness of my day
The sound of my heart beating faster is but a reminder
I’m reminded how much I ache for you when we are apart
Within the storms of my mind your presence can be found
The brief moment of anger gives away to melancholia
Wanting to steal a kiss from your lips
To feel your chest against mine
Knowing I can’t make my desires a reality
I struggle to bring my mind back to this place
The hours seem to drag on whenever you are not around
With every thing I do and every step I take
I carry you with me
Your deep and serene look rushes to the front of my mind
Awakening my soul to the feeling of being alive
Fire and water, you are to me
Tempestuous yet serene and calm
Strong yet gentle
My dessert, my forest, my muse!

I love your spirit, your mind, your body
You are the enigma I am yet to figure out
I allow myself the guilty pleasure of our memories last night
The thought brings to life the aroma of your hair
The scent of your skin, the warmth of your flesh
I desire to caress your whole being
To feel the softness of your lips, to hear your voice
I desire to see you melt in my arms as we embrace
Becoming everything and nothing
Love is a paradox best left unexplained
You are love to me as I am to you
I see you in the reflection of the water
When the sunlight filters through my window
You are matter and essence to my existence
I take you because you are the only one for me
Your beautiful brown eyes have pierced my soul
Your name can be found carved on my heart
Without you nothing would be the same
You have taken a boy and helped him discover the man
You took the veil from my eyes and let the light in
Beyond eternity we shall go until we are reborn once more
This time I promise to find you sooner
Because you are mine and I am yours!