I hear the sound of your footsteps in the distance
Upon your arrival my heart accelerates
My desires rise, my senses know you are coming
I hear every step you take
I can sense you wanting me to calm your soul and fill your desires
I am your mirror, your medicine.
There are so many things we have lived together
Sometimes I wish I could stop time so it does not run too fast
The hands of the clock torture me; they torment me,
I am afraid one day I’ll wake up
Your body and your soul ache for me
Is not just about our connection,
is not just about our bodies mingled between the sheets,
Because our love is deeper than that.
Strong yet soft, beautiful yet passionate
We are the air to each other’s soul
We are written on each other’s hearts
I Am afraid this may be a dream; do not wake me up,
What a nightmare that would be
Because in this dream, I am yours and you are mine
I touch every part of your soul
You touch every part of my heart
I shall let you in, I shall let you love me
Leave me without breath
Complete me; own my soul,
I will leave you senseless and lost
Let us get lost in each other until we have no reason
Let me love you as you are, no pretenses, no lies
I can see the beauty in you beyond the false cries of others
I can see your spirit behind the armour in which you hide
Let me help you see yourself clearer
Let’s explore the depths of our spirit beyond the limited skies
Only we have the script to our story
Let us not deny ourselves
Take my hand and let your aching heart explore just how deep this love goes
For love is life’s gift to us and this is the path we chose