One day she closed her eyes
She shut away the horrors which haunted her every night
She took a deep breath and learned to see through her heart
Suddenly she discovered a whole different world
A world with him in it
A world she had never seen before

The stumbling blocks of love she experienced
Had caged her to a false idea of love
That day she found the love she wanted
And began to live and for the first time be happy

He gave her his all
Nothing was kept hidden
Nothing was asked in return
She could touch the sky when he kissed her lips
She could feel the sun whenever he wrapped her in his arms

He breathed air into her when they fell in love
Like a tattoo on his heart, he carried her everywhere
He immortalized her within his thoughts
“How could I ask you for anything else when you have given me all?”
“Ask me for anything, I could give you so much more”
“Let me fill the voids others left behind”
“Let me fill each part of you one step at a time”
“You can ask for anything”
“You can ask me to give you the world”
“I will live each day trying…
For our love has been written since a time long ago…
I will love you here and now and past the end of this world”