Looking at you even if for a second is enough to revitalize my soul
You have a mystical something which envelops me in a veil of fascination
The treasure of the seven seas
The strength of the winds wreathed with madness
The calmness of the water in the slight movement that precedes them
That’s how I feel when I navigate between your worlds
Like a sea going pirate seeking the golden chest within your heart
I love the sweet smile your eyes show when they see me
Leaving me feeling like a bird who has regained its freedom
Something worth living and telling has been given to me
A small piece of paradise given to a mortal
Like a good wine, with the passage of time I have learned to appreciate you better
With each obstacle surpassed, our love has gotten stronger
I love you; it is not easy to say
I have always been afraid to love
But to be able to say it and know that is true, is the best of liberations
Like a brand-new butterfly, I have left my stormy captivity
Your voice resounds in my heart to the rhythm of a soft ballad
I look forward to dancing next to you for the rest of time
All I need is your smile to bright my days,
And the rough image of our naked bodies to bring fire to my soul
Thank you for cheering me during the day
And for being my safe harbour at night
You are my sun and my moon
My friend and my spouse
I can feel the strength of your love each and every day

You have filled my long nights with dreams,
I find you in the most hidden places of my battered soul
I feel blessed when I see you smile
Knowing I have managed to invade the intimacy of your undaunted thoughts
I want to share with you all the springs I have left
I want to grow like beautiful moss on ruins
Never to leave your life
For you are LOVE engraved on my heart.