Life is a beautiful rollercoaster,
I want you to live without looking over your shoulders,
Life holds within many stages,
Sometimes you sing,
Sometimes you cry,
Within you lies the power to get back up.
Do not hide, do not melt, face life and bold up.
There is always a new tomorrow,
Do not be afraid,
Do not waver,
Let your hopes and dreams guide you.
Learn your worth,
Learn your value,
Learn to live this life,
There will be tears,
There will be joys,
Hot nights…
Cold nights…
In the dark times let your light shine bright.
Dare to live and love,
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose,
Remember to always try again.
Flush the pain, let it drain,
In the face of injustice be patient,
Life is a beautiful symphony which always balances itself,
It’s all about finding oneself…
You can fall many times but don’t let it break your heart,
Getting back up doesn’t cost a thing,
There is always a new beginning,
Life always offers you a new start,
Live your life for it can be gone in the blink of an eye.
Learn to live with joy….
Learn to skip and dance…
Dance when everyone sleeps…
Sing when everyone is silent….
Stand up when everyone cowards…
Life isn’t sour,
You got to plant your own flowers,
Laugh when your heart feels like it,
You are a miracle and a beautiful misfit.
Choose a fine cup,
Taste life’s intoxicating wine,
Drink it in small sips,
Be a force to be reckon with,
Be your own eclipse,
Enjoy life until this body fades.
Do not forget each stage has many shades,
Let life intoxicate your soul!
Let life heal you and make you whole,
Learn to live gracefully and with courage,
Remember history wasn’t made by cowards,
so live life boldly and hold your love ones closely!