I love the following quote for it resonated with me and what I experience whenever I am working on my shadow…. Let’s keep in mind that a person can not attempt to approach and embrace the divine by rejecting one’s own humanity. To be human, to accept our selves with all our flaws isn’t the same as avoiding ourselves and not doing any work on our shadow. Accepting our flaws is the first and wisest step towards healing, towards accepting the non-physical version of us; to embrace it and adore it. As we work on our wounds and allow the non physical part of us to flow, and join our physical experience; it is then we can experience true bliss….

“The pain shows me what I am depriving myself of being, what I am leaving aside yet is part of me, what I am denying myself and what I am resisting.
I have chosen to allow myself to break, to fall on my knees, and with an open heart to embrace the earth that sustains me, that allows me to experience everything that I am in this body, that nourishes me, strengthens me and reminds me I am human and vulnerable. There is nothing to pretend, there is no particular state to reach, rather than fully accept my humanity, my joy, my pain, my sadness, my constant doubts, my demands, the rejection I can feel for myself when I feel disconnected, the hesitant and powerful intention to choose to embrace me and return to myself.
And I return to me, remembering that it is a coming and going, that I am the inhalation and exhalation of the universe, that I am the contraction and dilation of a single heart; I remember, that it is necessary to feel disconnected so that internal structures break down and expand my own horizons, to release judgments that have enslaved me and take me away from love, my own love, because only by penetrating and honoring my roots and this beautiful and valuable vulnerability, can I open myself to experience heaven…heaven here on earth”