The starry night looks down on us, as we give a sigh together
Knowing it’s not just love,
It’s not just passion,
Nor the simple vanity of our hearts,
Its the divine fire within.
Harmonious are our forms,
Through sweet movements our bodies are linked eternally,
My skin upon yours, searching for pleasure,
Travelling the destiny road towards the higher plane of our source,
As we reach our climax, my body shivers,
before it falls on you like a warms soft blanket.
This is what poets wrote about,
This fire is the glue which binds everything together,
This is what others call making love,
The fullness of one’s existence delivered between the sheets,
It is the core energy willfully shared with a lover,
Someone whose divine reason is to reflect our soul,
Sexuality is the sensual love form summarized by the word “love” …
To make love is to fly in space,
Detaching ourselves from our bodies while becoming souls,
To make love is to reach higher planes through a double sigh during ecstasy,
Making love is what we do every time you take my body to quench the thirst within,
Is to feel the warmth of our bodies, the coolness of our sweat,
Is to know we are giving more to each other than the beauty of our flesh,
It’s the fusion of two souls through a mundane act which is yet blessed and divine.