Everything that hurt us or changes us can also make us stronger by teaching us to grow and fight.  Maybe you are feeling like your world is crashing down; perhaps you can’t make sense of all the pain you feel inside and it feels as if it won’t ever stop hurting.  Maybe you feel like crying your heart out but are too afraid to let the tears roll freely out of fear of feeling you’ve lost control; please don’t force yourself to stop if tears want to come forth, for wherever there are tears there is hope.  

Whatever ails us also teaches us the value of good times, of smiles, of true joy.   Pain helps us learn from our bad times; releasing our tears gives us the strength necessary to keep going.   There is no better fuel for the soul than the one which emanates from the deepest sadness, the type of sadness which seems to come from inside our bones and takes our ability to breathe away…try to remind yourself “the lowest moments in life always precede the deepest changes”. 

Where there are tears, there lies strength, there lies the ability to feel with all our heart and it can helps us build character.  These are the reasons why tears can be a great gift, these are the reasons tears come forth, they are a gift from the universe to help you release all which ails you.  Each tear serves as an impulse, propelling us and granting us the strength to rebuild.

Where there are tears life can be found spurting from within, therefore there is hope to continue fighting for something better.  Keep in mind that just like water gives us life, tears help us to know the strength hidden within our hearts.

Unlike rain on a rock, tears do not erode our interior, instead they give us the necessary courage so that after the storm passes we may be able to see the sun again; this is why sadness is necessary to help us discover our own value.   The most beautiful things we tend to remember are the moments which came after there seemed to be no ending to our sadness, no light at the end of the tunnel, yet tears guided us there.  Hope came because we did not surrender to our inner storm, instead we let the storm pass; not fighting it but letting it flow.  I know how hard it is to feel such a pain, feeling as if you are about to explode with sadness, as if you are going to be consumed by the pain, yet as the tears flow, hope reaches in and pulls you gently out of your inner storm. Tears are healing to the point of being magical.  I am not suggesting for anyone to cry over just about anything; that can be very damaging to your soul and can teach your mind to manipulate situations; I am referring to the power  tears  have when dealing with intense pain which may have come from loss, trauma, severe stress.

Let us cry, let us scream if necessary when dealing with our traumas, our losses.  Let’s give ourselves permission to learn to take strength from our emotions, releasing our painful inner reality.  Do not feel ashamed; mental strength is like a muscle which needs to be developed, the more we give ourselves permission to release our pain, our chaos… the more we take time to reflect on what happened after our tears are released, the more our brain learns new healthy attitudes to cope with pain and trauma; little by little learning to master our emotions.

Where there are tears there lies an opportunity to learn something new; why not take advantage of our pain to learn something which will help us heal? making us stronger and wiser.  You’ll be surprised at what you can do when you choose to listen, meet and release your pain.  Beautiful opportunities, dreams, and joys can be hidden behind the veil of sadness, within the releasing of our tears. 

Let us learn to listen to our tears, to seek strength from them and find the change we may so desire.  Let us decipher their meaning to understand and distinguish what bothers us, what hurts us, to build a bridge to all the learning they entail in order to eliminate that which causes them, to modify things or in some cases to say goodbye.

Let us not forget that by expressing ourselves, by getting in touch with our emotions, we can learn to think more clearly, as a result moments of clarity, peace and tranquility will arise.  Where there are tears there lies hope, for behind every reason to cry there is an open door to change.

“Only he who has known sadness and has cried with all his strength, knows the greatness of the human spirit!”