I wish I could pull you inside of me,
Let you melt until you are part of me.
I wish you could see my soul and read the emotions within my heart,
Although you know me, you would be surprised.
You would find yourself, beautiful as a goddess,
The one who turned a boy into a man and made him honest.
Sweet like the most loving symphony,
the very thought of you delivers poetry to my soul,
You are the only one I wish to always hold and console,
You would find a rose garden where your smile has been engraved,
You would feel warm, like the sun on a beautiful spring day,
My heart I give you without reservations or delays.
This is my declaration of love,
Clumsy like my fingers yet strong and endless like my soul.
What I write here, heaven already knows.
I say it every time we kiss and with every gesture,
I feel it when I confront the silence in which your absence leaves me,
And that also does not hurt because it fills me,
Counting the minutes till the time I can hold you again,
Wishing you had never left my side, that much I confess.
Love is a statement of gestures reflected in the happiness of the other,
You are the reflection of my gestures,
I see my verses every time I look into your eyes,
I feel it whenever you touch me and my passions rise,
I can feel the weight of our feelings when I see your doubts,
I sense the passion of your skin as I undo your blouse,
Our love germinates like petals chosen by sacred hands,
I feel your love for me whenever I hold you in my arms.
As I look to my future keeping our memories forever in my heart,
I declare to you my love for I am yours and you are mine.
Past, present and future only you have the key to my soul,
Only you know the full spectrum of colours that can be found within,
I lose notion of time when your lips kiss my mouth,
Translating feelings into paths of urgency within my skin,
I hold you then and let you see all that others have not seen,
Tears of emotions rolling down my cheeks as I feel your heart beat.
You know my body better than anyone for you have made it yours to command,
Because you know how to make love to me, helping me reach the stars,
Because you are mine and I am yours,
Because you are the declaration of love that makes me write,
Because we are the petals in my garden that refuse to die,
For they are reborn every moment within you and me,
Because you are the aroma of memories that won’t ever fade,
Because whether by my side or not, I’ll love you always till the day I die.