I desire you in your entirety, completely and without reservations
I desire your gentle love, sweet like honey yet vibrant and wild as the untamed sea
I love the way your wet hair against my skin sets my body on fire
By the way your eyes reach the deepest darkest parts of me
Watching your cinnamon breasts rise with each breath makes my heart quicken
Time stands still as my eyes watch you strip
I long to die in sin by the rhythm of your seductive hips
The light shines softly as the silk gown rolls down your thighs
A brief, fugitive touch like the wings of a butterfly ignite my passions
Making the air burn in an instant between your body and mine
Lips the colour of red velvet, breasts soft yet firm
My breath is taken away as you lean over to kiss me
For this moment not to end, is my only plea
I can feel my flesh like flames, burning within my veins
You are mine, yet you do not belong to me
Free as the sky, wild as a mythological beast
Strong like a rock, soft like the wind
Beautiful inside and out
My muse, my goddess, bring me to my knees
I wish for my time to be extended, to have you lay with me
I want to feel your breath against my skin
I want to drink the honey from between your hips
The universe was hidden until you offered me the key
Your body has become my sea
And its waves rock my fate
Oh, goddess have no pity on me
Let us keep on rocking until we both crush in ecstasy
The moment locked within my soul
I have tasted heaven yet sadness quickly comes by
The thought of you leaving; a hell which rips me apart
Is this heaven or hell? my soul cannot distinguish
No matter, forever this will be an instant which no death shall extinguish