My soul took off the way a dove does upon its release
Searching for the meaning of love.
One morning upon waking, your eyes, your face, your soul I saw
I felt I could follow you until the end of the world
Gray days now had light
My path changed forever by one simple embrace of your arms.
Just as the seasons change, everything is now different
Unable to remember my life before you
I discovered a world reserved only for a few
Our path has been a mix of bliss and tornadoes
Some only awaiting to rip it all apart.
They hide in the shadows waiting to strike
Rejoicing at the idea of you and I falling apart.
It has not been easy and their fires at times left scars
With each embrace of yours I felt my soul healing
The memory of your arms holding me tight locked within my heart
Interesting combination YOU and I
Tornado and fire…
Water and sky….
Magic and nightmares…
Happiness and sadness all combined….
It may seem crazy but through it all our souls came to life
We worked our wounds through each other
We also ripped each other apart.
We tried to stay away but couldn’t remain far
Our souls cried for one another until they merged once more as one.
A lot of our demons released
Finally, able to see those who hurt our souls were not you or me
They were shadows from the past and those with present mediocrities.
Now our path’s colours are expanding, and we are together standing
Every night as you hold me tight, we look out to our future
Who knows what it will bring for us?
One thing is certain…
It will always be YOU and ME