I always write about the importance of meditation, and learning in life, however it is as important to take care of our physical health in order to enjoy well rounded lives.
I was asked to write a piece on natural health supplements and my opinion on the matter. After much thought, debate, and research to find the right product, I decided to write on a product am currently using.

In today’s society, most of us live life always in a rush. Most of the time we barely have any time which would be considered “quality time” for ourselves. When I talk about maintaining physical health most people automatically hold in their mind the image of a person with an athletic body type. That is not what am talking about. Many of us have a misconception of what “healthy” is.
Society feeds us the idea that health is a very thin female (almost anorexic) and the well developed muscle man as its counterpart.
Nutritionist and health professional can tell you that just as too much fat can be dangerous to your health so can its opposite. Just because we see people who on the outside look like they fit the bill for health doesn’t mean they are actually healthy. This argument makes sense as in the search for the “perfect” body, many people neglect feeding their body the right nutrients. The same goes for people with very busy life styles, the elderly and most of us who have become ignorant on what exactly a proper balance diet (balance nutrients) are.

Due to today’s fast paced world the health and wellness companies out there are booming. There are hundredths of different products to try. Many of these products offer a quick fix solution yet upon use of their products little to no result is shown. Another thing to consider are side effects, with all of these factors to take into consideration finding the right product can become difficult.

If you walk into a Health Store you will be bombarded by different products, leaving you overwhelmed; that at least has been my own personal experience.
The other option to not providing your body with the right nutrients is to wait until your body starts to fail you, then be prescribed drugs which most of the time act only as a band aid to the actual cause of the problem.
Personally I am the type of person who does not like the use of prescription drugs for every little thing as I have always liked to focus and use more natural products. I will use prescription drugs if I absolutely have to and if I know the benefits will outweigh the cons. That is why when I was approached to try Kyani I was very skeptical; having tried many products out there; some with good results, others with no result at all.
Another reason I was skeptical was because Kyani is also a MLM company, however that is not my concern, nor am I hare to promote or condemn.
I am intelligent enough to know many MLM companies deal with health products, however my only concern is not the company as a business but rather the company products and its benefits; so let’s focus on that.

Kyani’s products seem to do exactly as they promised. Yes their products are not cheap; usually no good product is. I believe it comes down to priorities. Many of us are quite cheap with our health yet like to spend and indulge on unnecessary material things, or things which actually destroy our health. It should be the opposite, we should value ourselves enough to believe we deserve to fueled our body with good food, good vitamins, good supplements.
For those of you who don’t know much about Kyani here is a quick background.

The company launched in 2005 and has steadily grown since then. Their sales in comparison to other companies offering similar products has been strong. I do say similar products since there are many companies out there which offer similar results at a much cheaper price. Personally I don’t agree with their statement but you will just have to find out for yourself; who knows maybe what didn’t work for me may work for you.
The reason Kyani has been growing in popularity is due to the fact that their products actually do as they say. Kyani offers supplements to meet the requirements of your body.
The products Kyani offers are made by the world’s most natural and powerful ingredients of the earth such as wild Alaskan, blueberries, green tea extract, acai and maqui berries, mangosteen fruit, and many others. All these ingredients are known for offering many health benefits, increasing your immune system, and help you to remain fit and strong.

You will need to take them for yourself to formulate your own opinion.
You will get both the positive and negative feedback of the Kyani Products, with most of them being positive. When you make the comparison, you will realize why many users have expressed satisfaction with the results and have recommended using these products to get a healthy body and to remain energetic throughout the day.
Currently I am taking 3 of their products (Kyani Sunrise, Kyani Nitro, and Kyani Sunset).
The 3 products work best as a triangle as each product does something different to defend, Repair & maintain every Cell in your Body.

Kyani Sunrise: Kyani Sunrise is designed to be taken it in the morning with the purpose of maximum bio-availability and to remain energetic throughout the day.
It helps to have a healthy heart
It boosts your immune system
Improves your digestion
Supports cognitive function
Increases mental health
Promote joint flexibility
Maintain energy
Enable you for stress management.

Kyani Sunset:The ingredients of the Kyani sunset is tocotrienols, Omega 3 derived from wild Alaskan salmon, essential vitamin D, and beta-carotene.
All these ingredients provide nutritional support to the vital parts of the whole system that includes the cardiovascular system, cell health, and the immune system.
Helps to maintain the sugar levels
Promotes nutrient absorption
Sustains the immune system
Supports the cognitive function
Create positive thought process
Promotes a healthy immune system
Supports cell membrane
Reduces inflammation
Maintains healthy cholesterol level
Support cardiovascular health

Kyani Nitro:The key ingredient of the Kyani Nitro is nitrate that is used by the body to make Nitric oxide. Nitric oxide can be helpful in blood circulation, digestion, inflammation, learning and oxygen release in the tissue from the red blood cells.
Offers a healthy heart
Increases sexual health
Boosts blood flow
Improves the immune power
Enhances energy level
Supports cognitive functions

I love Kyani’s products,and it is because of that that am writing this article. Also because of the amount of people I know who would like to obtain a health supplement which really does as promised. Their products do as promised helping maintain optimum physical and cognitive health.
Kyani’s products are healthy supplements designed to improve your overall health, however if you have severe health complications, always check with your physician first. That should be the rule with any product, whether natural or not.
Again this article is based on my own personal experience with these products, what you do with my review is up to you. I simply wish to make people aware of the importance of taking care of our bodies from the inside out before the machinery starts to break down. I am sure there may be other products which may actually produce the same results, however I can only write about what I have personally experienced.
I hope this helps.
For those of you who asked for more information, here is a web page which can help.