The story is very simple
we are born
we are embraced
we feel the warmth of a bosom
We enjoy the warmth of its milk
Time passes with you wrapped in innocence
And life becomes limitless.
Gentle hands dry your tears
Devoted love cleans the smears
You contemplate in wonder
You contemplate the blue sky
The migrating bird with its wings wide spread
The awkward beetle that your shoe will crush
As you bravely take your first steps
A new world unfolds and is yours to take
Time goes by…
The innocence of childhood dreams now forgotten
Confusion, tales, fears reach now for you often
You suffer…
You learn what it is to feel the claws of desperation
You complain about food, about work, about life
You complain because it is the custom
And you follow life as if by obligation
You are taught guilt and pain
You follow this exhausted path until the sleep ends
You love…
You learn what it is to feel elated
Life’s hardships no longer leave you feeling lonely and isolated
Its power transfigures you
You discover you are more than just flesh and bone
Nothing else matters , not even the terrible blows
For such an interim eternity
You’re willing to do the absolute

You lose…
You learn to glimpse into a poet’s soul
As your gentle heart breaks and deals with loss
Life becomes gray and somber
You feel as if you never will wake from the slumber
You Win…
Love touches your heart once more
You go through life and its cycles
Until the right mate joins you on your quest
All you’ve endured becomes meaningless and you feel blest
Even pride becomes tender
And your prophetic heart becomes debris
You learn to use what has been learned
You become slowly wise
All the heartaches, all the lessons, all the pains
Now all wrapped in this perfect symphony that is your life
You learn to know at last the world is this…
At its best a sweet nostalgia
At its worst bitter despair
But through all its ups and downs
Through all its splendor and its darkness
It is always, always a beautiful mess
A classroom where lessons are taught
Lessons within lessons until you find yourself again
You see it, you recognize it, it was there all along
That long-forgotten innocence now filled with wisdom
Truly it is the elixir the god’s spoke of

You die…
Lucky you are if the circle has been completed
If not do not despair
For life is but a dream
and death only a quiet friend!!!