The thunder has fiercely struck our house
Left me a thirsty fire with desire to strike
The flower dies as my bones with pain ache
The fire grows as my body lies wrapped in your clothes.
Swift and shameless were their blows
The oak tree has now passed to history
It’s spirit now contemplates from the skies
Where are you now oak tree, I can’t read the signs
Yet I feel your presence through the days and nights.
The oak tree is death; how swift was his time
The spider remains trying to be hidden
But I can see its path as it slowly climbs
The bed no longer cold and empty
So soon your roots were forgotten.
Their laughter kept hidden behind noise chimes
The oak tree is gone and with it it’s song
Before its time it was ripped
Now all there is left is an empty cold wall
And a new family of shadows took place in your abode
House of crows where only one of them is pure.
They fed you an undercooked reality
Where only flowers of evil grew
“ego te absolvo” certainly not!
Poor little me, I knew it was not all our faults
For peace was made between you and I both
An impeccable portrait was painted for you
Your eyelids close shut by rotten honey
Keeping the darkness at bay
A distance was created between your soul and mine
Oh your then nausea is now all mine
The colour of your blindness was never the colour of my eyes
I saw beyond all the shadows and temptations
Saw the thief’s footprints and their narrow heel
Foreign music made you deaf to the sounds of my roars
Then the lion became a lamb, was separated and alone
Hear the incarnation of my love you lion, you heavy oak tree
Come try to play with my bones spider and you will see
The oak tree’s shadows now covers all of me
Here I am spider ready to be surprise
I hear your steps a mile away like a plague trying to destroy lives
Now the oak tree has gone to sleep in the sweet abyss
Where it now can hear the music and see all colours
The sweet abyss where time, silence, and dreams are mixed
Until the awkward day of its awakening in the vast palm of God
For you spider there will be no sweet abyss
The loneliness, suffering and lies you imposed on others will be your rest
For you spider there will be no great light
The great door shut as the roaring fires consume you with sick delight
Sleep is the great tree yet its roots continue to grow
The lion no longer blind looks down through brand new eyes
The beautiful cub still growing until the day comes to reunite
Sing like a gentle bird dear lion
Unhurried travel through the beautiful labyrinths of time
Transformed you are now lion so breathe and sing
You can be everywhere now, so spread your wings
You are the sun, the sting of dawn
You are the sea that kisses the mountains
Enjoy the clarity of your dreams
Until we meet again to become once more a team.